Thursday, 12 October 2017

Astrology of the Day – Thursday 12th October 2017

The Moon remains in the homely yet emotional sign of Cancer today and those emotions will run very deep today as it opposes Pluto and squares the Sun and Mercury; this is the third quarter Moon of this cycle that we are experiencing.

You see, this is a day of insight, realisation and transformation in our needs and expectations, and don't be surprised if your emotions shift suddenly from positive to negative, and then back again. The shifting and moody sides of the Cancerian Moon are enhanced and intensified in this link up and the potential for hurtful words and actions do exist.

Fortunately, the Sun and Mercury are also making a stable link to Saturn, and this somewhat settles our thought processes and ideas. Yes, we can make steady progress and plans today, and there is an opportunity to tie down the boat that has been rocking from side to side since the weekend threatening to throw us overboard. Get our emotions under control (not easy) and the potential for us to sail through calmer waters does exist. Try to listen to those with experience or people in positions of influence, as they may have something valuable to contribute to the debate...


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