Sunday, 8 October 2017

Astrology of the Day – Sunday 8th October 2017

The Moon remains in steady Taurus during Sunday and our emotional focus and needs should remain on all things that we value and cherish, be it someone we love, the possessions we own, or hope to own, what we earn and how we use the resources at our fingertips.

By the afternoon it connects with Venus, Mars and Pluto, bringing welcome relief and a chance to try and get to the bottom of any pressing issue that is bothering you, and with Mars, Venus and Saturn squaring off against each other today you'll need all the insight that you can muster up.

The Sun and Mercury also join forces in this power packed day at odds with Pluto, and your energy, the things you say and the thoughts that you have will either expose the truth, or if not or cause you even more anxiety and worry. It would be wise now to look beneath the surface, and the answers that you are looking for may well be hiding away.

The lesson for today – what is not said or implied to you may well be far more important than you can ever imagine...


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