Monday, 22 May 2017

New Moon in Gemini - Assessing our options, overcoming restrictions and making choices...



On 25th May we will see a New Moon in the versatile sign of Gemini, at 4.46 degrees. Gemini is an air sign, the sign of information and communication, of flexibility, ingenuity and restlessness. Gemini souls are always on the go, and in the same way this New Moon should initiate a flurry of action. The phrase putting too many eggs in one basket is always a phrase I associate with Gemini, and here in lies a danger. Not that you won't act now, of course you will, but will you choose the right course of action, or will you spread your bets so thinly that you won't really be able to target exactly what you want in as focused a manner as you should? Gemini tends to cause us to play the field too much, instead of choosing the optimum way of doing things.

Now there will be much information that we will have to digest now. The channels will be open and the trick to making the most of this New Moon will be to pick and choose carefully what you go with, and what you don't. Get that bit right and then your message will get out far and wide, as this is a sign of advertising, networking and connecting with people. It's a good time for learning new skills, making all important journeys and for dealing with young people or those in your local community. Striking a bargain or striking a deal with someone may also be a manifestation of the New Moon in Gemini.

New Moon in Gemini

This new Moon doesn't link up with any important stars, however it comes at a point when Mars and Saturn will be in a tense opposition, with Mars sitting in the latter stars of the constellation of Taurus on the point of the bull's horn connected to the star El Nath. I will write about this connection in due course, however I will say that this star is a point of aggression and forceful action that can be used either for good deeds or for very bad ones. Saturn in opposition causes a build up of frustration as Mars' energy is held back or restricted. Rather than in direct action, I feel that any response to the restrictions Saturn is putting up will be through angry words and accusations, rather than through sheer violence. Look for heated debates, people not seeing eye to eye and for verbal battles to break out.

There are two other aspects that are very noticeable at the occasion of this full Moon, a square from Venus to Pluto and in the background is the Saturn trine to Uranus. With Pluto and Venus we have love, relationships and financial situations being put through under intense pressure to adapt, change or break. Pluto is an agent of inevitable change, through exerting power and control, and again with the channels open because of the Gemini New Moon, we may see verbal manipulation of people's feelings and desires, information overloads in the financial markets or powerful data that sets a new course for stocks and shares, news of powerful relationships being formed, mergers and takeovers, the media exposing secrets perhaps? On a more personal level, love and relationships get serious and heavy now, social contacts may change your way of thinking, or maybe one will be tempted to cheat or two time someone for your own personal gain?

Saturn trine Uranus is more of a long term aspect, however  the feel of these two planets are generally updating situations, wiping away old staid ways of doing things and bringing innovation, new ideas and fresh approaches to old issues. The New Moon complements this trine and allows us to come up with a multitude of options, one of which may be the very one we were looking for to get rid of the old, and to take on the new. Innovation and adaptability is at the heart of the planetary mix as the New Moon hits, so get ready to take things to the next level.

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