Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Your personal horoscope for 1st March until 7th March 2017

The following horoscopes are valid both for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign, I suggest you read both for extra clarity…

Be on the look out for a personal flashpoint early in the week maybe between yourself and a partner, it'll probably be over something selfish that you did that you maybe regret. The following couple of days will allow you to reflect in a way over the events which happened around the solar eclipse and to come up with solutions to situations that you may find yourself in. This week you will be starting a process of assessing your personal values and what you hold dear to your heart, consider what and who is important to you. The weekend allows you to take a step forward and to start making progress again.
It is very possible that something that comes to light may be information that happened out of sight, and was held back from you last week. You might be irritated early on in the week but don't worry as friends can help if needs be. Indeed inspiration comes from meeting people and sharing views with others you trust. You going to go through a period of introspection as your ruling planet Venus turns retrograde on Friday, peace and quiet will be very attractive to you now. The best work you can do are preparations for future, do the hard graft now and the benefits will come in time.
What is going to be revealed at work or in a public way at this moment? I think you might find the start of this week rather enlightening. Venus starting to move backwards in your house of friends allows you to review our friendships and/or associations or your membership of a group. It's possible that someone you haven't seen in a while will come back into your life and enrich it in some way, make them welcome. In relationship terms you may have learnt some hard lessons in the recent past, but you can make a step forward now. It's time to cooperate with the one you love.
This is the week of big ideas and of opening your mind to the countless possibilities around you. Your relationship with the wider world is important for now and maybe contact with people from another country, culture or belief can set you up and take you in a brand new direction? It's time to review your work, in how you work, who you work with, and how you relate to the wider general public. It might be that you have to re-do a project, if so don't be frustrated, it's all part of the wider plan for you. Put your head down, get grafting and your boss will be happy.
Has someone been hiding something from you, or have you been hiding something from somebody? This week all be revealed as a secret may come out into the open. Maybe this means big changes for you, and as such you're going to have to make some hard and fast decisions. What you thought was true my not be the case and your beliefs may be challenged. Don't be afraid to change your mind if your instinct tells you otherwise. Is life all work and no play at the moment? This weekend gives you a chance to enjoy yourself a bit more than of late.
This week you can find out much more about yourself and your closest relationship. Ask questions and communicate; this is a great time for getting things right out into the open. You know, it's good to talk, and your partner will probably appreciate it. Someone lending you something may play a part and how you proceed in the next few weeks, or you may have to pay someone back. Best not to rely on them though, as they could change their mind. Do you have any plans at home such as redecorating or changing something structural? Now is the time to get on with it, you can make some good progress.
It's time to get your work routine sorted out and maybe you can find a better or more improved way of doing things so that you can be more efficient. Flashes of inspiration and ideas may help you. A relationship situation will playing on your mind and you may have to plan your strategy carefully concerning it. Do you go back to the way things were? Do you cut and run? Do you compromise and try make things work? Key to how these things will pan out is the way you communicate so be strong and direct, and don't leave others in any doubt.
This week Scorpio your attitude to how you love and how you present yourself comes under the microscope. Do you submit to the inevitable, or do you escape and seek solace in your own company. You have some thinking to do. Work routines and how you look after yourself are changing direction, and a review process work will keep you busy for the next few weeks. Your finances may not be the best at the moment, you may be short of what you need, however if you vow to work hard then you can start to address these problems.
You've got lots to think about in your home environment Sagittarius and how you proceed will be revealed this week. Seek out family members and ask their opinion. Contracts related to where you live can be signed, and visions can be realised. Situations regarding children, lovers and your spare time will become more important this week. A former love my come on the scene, or you may return to a hobby or interest that you used to do in the past. Don't feel too down on yourself as you are liable to do, use your initiative to make things better.
You may find out what a young person, brother, sister or close relative thinks this week, or you may have to give up something to help them out, indeed, tensions with family members might be quite on edge at the moment, and your mediation skills may come in handy. Finding a place of peace and quiet to consider your next actions may be difficult to find, but it's worth persevering. Be careful in any correspondence you receive as the devil may might be in the details. If you're buying or changing anything for your home be mindful that what you like now you may see as a mistake in the future, so choose wisely. 
You're being urged by the planets not to rely on money or on the material world so much, and this week you may realise that it this is indeed true. Do you have to own things to be really happy? A social engagement may be cancelled, the date may be changed or a trip you had planned to may have to be rearranged. Friends may be involved in the decisions or changes that have to be made. Relationships may be affected by how you communicate, and you will learning that a more diplomatic and conciliatory tone will work much better than an aggressive one. Think before you speak. 
This week you are on a voyage of self discovery and yon may find the ability to adapt to any situation that you find yourself in. In this, you'll feel more confident and your ideas may find favour with partners and others. It may be an idea to work out how much money you have to spend and budget accordingly, as I suspect you've been too impulsive recently and it's time to take a step back. Rather than going out and getting something brand new, why not use something that you already have to achieve your aims? You're being asked to use the resources at your disposal in the most efficient way.
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