Thursday, 2 March 2017

Venus conjunct Alderamin – The king calls for unity.



This morning (2nd March 2017) we are just one day from Venus turning retrograde and she turns right on an important fixed star, Alderamin in the constellation of Cephus, the king. If you regularly read the stuff on my page, you'll know that Mars passed over this star about a week and a half ago and I described it as a strong and yet gentle star that is interested in harmony and equality, no matter your gender, belief or sexual orientation. The king has to rule for all his subjects in a strong but fair manner, and that is what this star ultimately represents.

Now Venus is spending a considerable few days on Alderamin as she comes to a halt. She first connected with it last weekend and finally breaks contact in retrograde motion on 10th March. As you will have seen a couple of days ago, Venus pacifies the King, and by the "King" I mean the leader of the free world. Have you noticed how President Trump was much more gentle and controlled when he spoke to the American congress just two days ago? Such a change to the day when he took office, and I believe that this influence was one holding sway over Trump as he called for unity between Democrats and Republicans. That's so very typical of how Alderamin works.

Now, Venus turning retrograde on this star is very significant, as it means a turn around for the King, something is going to switch or change around him, something connected to Venus. An old issue rears it's ugly head perhaps, something linked to his personal values? A relationship that occurred in the past being brought into the open? Matters of finances or his handling of money being reviewed? A switch in his social values (unlikely)? Will he be more or less diplomatic than he has been? This is for sure - the King and his handling of the Presidency so far will start to be reviewed and assessed, the relationships he has made and the ones he is cultivating. Has he achieved what he promised, has he reneged on anything?

Society will be watching and making a judgement on his performance, and by the end of Venus retrograde on 14th April, we will have some kind of initial verdict on him and his team.

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