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Jeff Sessions - Truth, lies and Russian officials...



Good morning everyone. My topic for discussion today is Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General in the US. He is the chief lawmaker for the US and it sounds like before he took office he spoke with a certain Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US. Yes, this is the same Sergey Kislyak who General Michael Flynn spoke with before he took office, the former National Security Advisor to Trump who was forced to fall on his sword just 26 days after assuming office.

When interviewed for his position by the Senate in his confirmation hearing, Sessions said outright that he did not meet with any Russian representatives before assuming office. This means he lied before the Senate committee, and ludicrously his responsibility now is to investigate himself for breaking the law in his job interview where he lied. You could not make it up if you tried, could you?


Ok, this is an Astrology site, and so we move to the Astrology and the keys to this little mystery. Sessions is a Sun Capricorn, born 24th Dec 46 in Selma, Alabama and I do not have a time for his birth, however in this case I can work without one. As I understand it the first contact with Kislyak came at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland between 18th and 21st July. Now back in the middle of last year we had the Saturn Neptune square aspect, remember that one? It hung around all year and it was one where all that we knew as solid and true (Saturn) was dissolved into a morass of confusion and chaos, this is the aspect of fake news, refugee migrations and the disintegration of the establishment.

Sessions july

Sessions has his South Node at 11.43 degrees Sagittarius and during that conference transiting Saturn was at 10.11 deg Sagittarius, just one degree away from an exact conjunction, and transiting Neptune was at 11.41 degrees Pisces, exactly square to that Nodal axis. Remember Neptune square Saturn could be represented as a dodgy or a deceptive (Neptune) official (Saturn) and these aspects were interacting and in Neptune's case at crossed purposes with Session's future. The South Node is a point of detriment, and now we know that this encounter with the Russian was potentially very detrimental to Sessions.

Neptune at the time was moving retrograde and today as this scandal broke it is moving direct at guess where? Yes, 11.41 degrees Pisces. Back to exactly the same position as back in July 2016. A return of the same issues, the scandal shrouded in a haze of secrecy now in the open air for all to see. That is how Neptune in a square works. Anything you hide will eventually come out into full view so that you face the consequences.

Sessions March

Transiting Saturn, the other planet in this dynamic duo playing with Sessions' future has moved on to conjunct with his natal Black Moon Lilith. Lilith as my colleague Christina Rodenbeck, the Oxford Astrologer wrote is "is an unMother, unCarer, unNurturer, unscrupulous. She is unbound by convention or taboo.” Saturn landing on this point shows his official capacity and his duties being undermined by Lilith. The Russians are not bound by convention, they are unscrupulous and Lilith in a way acts like a Pluto influence in your chart, it forces a change in consciousness on you via an influence who could not care less for your personal interests. Lilith will do as she pleases, leaving you broken and regretful. Sometimes with this connection you have to "give up a responsibility". That's interesting, isn't it?

Sessions' Lilith sits at 25.52 degrees Sagittarius, the sign of law and justice and with Saturn turning retrograde next month, it will pass over it twice more before this connection is done. The case of the lawmaker who took a risk and lied to promote himself landing in trouble, it's so, so Saturn in Sagittarius. This saga of Saturn conjunct Lilith is not finished yet and before it is completed I quite expect Sessions to be the next Trump chicken to fly the coop.

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