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George W Bush - From President to compassionate artist.


George Bush apinting

Hi everyone. My Astrological topic this morning is a very warming and heartfelt one, the budding artist that is former President of the United States, George W Bush. He has issued through a book several paintings of war veterans who lost limbs and suffered life threatening injuries, ones who went into battle under his leadership.

They are wonderful portraits of ordinary human beings, stunningly good in my opinion, and it certainly shows that the former President has an eye for art and no considerable talent too. How then has this fabulous ability come out in his latter years, four years ago to be exact as he quotes in "The New Yorker" online publication? I'll explain how through the Astrology of his natal chart.

Ok so we have a timeline to work off of, the year 2013 with him. When one comes to think of art, inspiration, beauty, colour & imagination we have to think of two planets, Venus and Neptune. Ironically, both of these planets are very significant in his natal chart.


Firstly Neptune sitting in his 3rd house of the mind makes a sextile to his Ascendant, his Mercury and Pluto. Inspiration, art and vision are central to his nature and there is a deep focus and a transformational quality to this triple sextile, as if a change was sitting in him waiting to happen, ready to unleash these forces. In the Summer of 2013 around his 66th birthday, transiting Neptune moved to become the point of a Yod aspect in his 8th house of inevitable change, making inconjunct aspects to his natal Neptune and his Ascendant. A Yod can show a pivotal point in one's live, a turning point. The base of the Yod, the sextile between the Ascendant and Neptune held all the talent there within him, but it was yet to be released. The release comes through the planet at the point of the Yod, transiting Neptune. An inconjunct aspect shows an adjustment, a change or a separation, and according to the interview I read, President Bush mentioned that he suddenly decided to take up painting. It was an all encompassing event for him. From early efforts, he has improved beyond all recognition and now his work is superb.

bush transits

Venus is a planet of colour and beauty, and it sits in his 1st or Ascendant house in Leo. A proud, show off position, here is a warm heart in relationships and someone who can create in a sunny and optimistic manner. That Venus ties into a kite formation, making a trine to his Midheaven, the place where you are known publicly, it also links into the Nodal axis and also Uranus conjunct his North Node. Here is great talent waiting to explode out through Venus, Uranus and the Midheaven, brought into this existence via the Nodal axis, however it was never going to be easy for him as any connection to the North Node (the point of destiny) is one that we have sometimes to work a lifetime to see fulfilled. Finally at age 66 we can see ability that was always there.

Now there is one other connection that you cannot see from the Astrology chart, only visible if you look at a star Paran analysis for President Bush. These are star and planet links at the time of his birth. Effectively a paran is a link between a star and a planet both hitting an angle in the sky at the place of birth, on the day of one's birth. For example, Jupiter may be at the highest point is reaches in the sky through the day as a star is hitting the Eastern Horizon, the setting point or the Descendant. The relationship between the two is known as a Paran, and they can identify talents and themes that will appear at certain points during one's life. Parans when a star is setting on the day of birth show talents and events that will appear late in life, and there is but one connected to George W Bush, involving the planet Venus.

George Bush stars

As you can see from the highlighted entry on the list of Parans for the President, the star Mirach was setting as Venus was culminating (or reaching it's highest point) in the sky. Mirach is one of the prominent stars in the constellation of Andromeda, the daughter of Cephus and Cassiopeia, the King and Queen of the heavens. It is a star of enthusiasm, of being receptive to new ideas, to intuition and the arts. There is also some personal obsession and self indulgence linked to this star too. Straight away you can feel a budding passion for creativity and beauty here with the link to Venus, something that turns from an immature state to something more profound, as the girl princess turns into a stunning young woman. This is the talent that George W Bush harboured, but because of the position of Venus linked in with the star setting, it would only ever come out later in life. And now in his 70th year that talent has flourished for us all to see...

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