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Will the UK voters decide to leave the European Union?


In just under two months, UK voters will be going to the polls in a national referendum to decide if Britain will stay within the European Union. This is going to be a crucial vote for the future of the nation I live in, and looking at the Astrology I get the feeling that a mood of dissent will be gripping the nation as they wake up on the morning of the 23rd June 2016.

If you examine the natal chart for the moment the polls open set for 7.00am in the nation's capital London, the chart ruling Moon (representing the people) will be in the 7th house in Aquarius. Aquarius is a fiercely independent sign, it is one that calls for rebellion and change, and the 7th house is the house of relationships and open enemies. Don't expect the people to go in the direction that the leaders want, as they will do their own thing now.

Euro Referendum chart

The Ascendant for this chart will be in the late degrees of Cancer, the sign representing the past and the nation state opposed to this Aquarian Moon, square to Uranus sitting in the public 10th house and trine to a simmering frustrated Mars retrograde in the sign of permanent change Scorpio. I just feel there is latent anger here hiding under the surface ready to explode out. Any ascendant on a horary chart in the late degrees, as this one will be at the time, shows an indeterminate outcome, this vote is going to be a close one but one where the aspects to it will be key.

Where is the Sun, the king of this chart representing the leaders? It sits in the weakest house of all the 12th, square to the Aries Midheaven and that says to me that David Cameron will be out of step with the public mood, which will be positive and wanting to move forward. He is not in a strong position as the vote begins.

Mercury on this chart represents the decision that we all will have to make and it sits in Gemini, the sign of the twins, the sign of making a choice, of Yes versus No, or in this case In versus Out. That Mercury opposes Saturn, opposing the direction of the administrators of the country and more crucially square to (or at odds to) the North Node and Jupiter, the planet of international relations and foreign contacts. Mercury also squares to Neptune in the 9th house of foreign contacts, which on this chart is ruled by Neptune too. If you put all these indications together, then the only conclusion any Astrologer can come to is that the mood in the country will be veering towards a European exit.

Lets take things a bit further and plot this chart against the UK natal one. Transiting Mercury on this chart is in the 9th house of foreign contacts opposing the 3rd house UK Mercury in the house of local affairs, here is a direct indication of an important question being asked about which way we ultimately want to be governed, from at home, or from abroad. Square to this Mercury opposition is the transiting North Node/Jupiter conjunction saying to me that the decision made will be different to what the wider world wants or is heading.

The UK natal Saturn, representing the homeland (as Capricorn rules the 4th house) receives a trine from Uranus and a square from Mars retrograde. Is this an indication of a desire to change tack and be governed (Saturn) independently (Uranus) and a desire to move forward (Mars) by making a retrograde step?

The really powerful aspect starting to form though on the UK chart is transiting Pluto on the way to opposing the UK Moon. The Moon rules the top of the chart, the public face of the UK and this shows a complete transformation in the face of the nation that the world sees. There is definite change coming in the next year or two, and the ramifications of an exit vote for Europe could lead to the entire break up of the United Kingdom. Yes, we are talking a vital decision that could have ramifications of mammoth proportions.

You see, Scotland is very Euro friendly whereas the English seem to be very Euro sceptic. There was a vote a couple of years ago where Scotland decided not to break away from the UK, but the question of Scottish independence is still a live one at Holyrood, where the Scottish parliament sits. Pluto opposing the Moon shows a potential change in the population of the UK or even a break up and transformation (Pluto) of the nation and it's peoples (Moon). The stakes for the 23rd June vote could not be any higher. On a final note, this significant opposition could even indicate a change of monarch in the UK somewhere in the time span of 2017 and 2018, but that's a discussion for another day...

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