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Full Moon in Aquarius on 10th Aug 2014 – Time to go fishing…



We have another Full Moon just around the corner and this one lands in the sign of Aquarius on 10th August. Aquarius is a sign of community, of social issues and of kindness to fellow human beings. It doesn’t matter to an Aquarian if you are white, black, mixed race, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, American or even from outer Mongolia. To the Aquarian eye, we are all part of one great collective of life on earth, and so the onus on this full Moon lies with the idea of social issues, of groups and companies, of how we deal with our friends and what we expect from our hopes and ambitions.


The full Moon hits at 18.02 degrees Aquarius at just after 7pm London time, 2pm in New York and the US East coast and 5am on the morning of 11th August in Sydney, Australia. I always stress with Full Moons that we are the end of a cycle where the full light of the Moon is reflected, and thus we can see everything highlighted at that point in time. The full Moon is as ever an opposition and we have the individualism and pride of the Sun in it’s home sign of Leo opposed by the socially inclusive emotion of the Moon in Aquarius. There is a polarity here between what we do on our own and how we cooperate with friends and groups. Do we open ourselves out now to a wider circle, do we do our own thing or do we network? Will our hopes and dreams be fulfilled if we share the burden with others? Many of these questions will be answered by this full Moon.

The full Moon makes two other aspects, a square to Saturn forming a bigger t-square to the Sun and a sextile to Uranus forming a wedge with the Sun making a trine. The easier energy here goes via the sextile to Uranus, highlighted by the full Moon in it’s own sign. Opportunities to do new things and make different acquaintances will come. You will have the chance to try new things, indeed it may be very necessary to do so now. You may try a different or radical approach, use technology in a new way, invite friends to help you out, join an association or a group or look to social media to broaden the appeal of what you do.

All of this is because of the square that Saturn is enforcing on this Full Moon. Saturn is limitation and loss but it is also where you are learning vital lessons.  If you know your Ascendant sign (if you don’t click on the link) then these are the areas of life that will be under pressure.

Aries – Your partner’s money and possession and your intimate life, debts and things owed.

Taurus – Your marriage or partnership or people who oppose you.

Gemini – Your everyday work, routine, matters of service and heath concerns.

Cancer – Your life away from work, your lover or your children.

Leo – Your home, domestic life, family and matters from the past.

Virgo – Education, communication, things playing on your mind, local issues, brothers and sisters.

Libra – Money finance, what you own, what you earn, what you spend and what you value.

Scorpio – You are rebuilding your yourself and your image after a period of personal crisis.

Sagittarius – Psychological problems, fear of things going on that you can’t control, cutting the deadwood from your life, solace, spirituality, sacrifice, escapism.

Capricorn – Your friends, groups, companies, working with others, not achieving all that you want to.

Aquarius – Your work and career and relationships with your boss and senior people.

Pisces – Things that you are learning, faith and religion, travel and contacts abroad, legal matters.

You will be challenged in these areas of life now and I would imagine that many chickens will be coming home to roost in the ones I just highlighted. Uranus I suggest is an escape route and will give you the drive and inspiration to go to the next level, so it may be time to look into whatever is new and exciting to you. It may be that the direction you have to go seems quite uncomfortable, but better to experiment or to try something different than to remain in a bad place even longer, isn’t it?

Mars now in Scorpio will be making a trine to Neptune in Pisces, so there is the chance to act (Mars) on your intuition and hunches (Neptune). This is a very flowing water trine and your feelings will often be correct under it. Again there is the sense of collectivism about this trine, as if you act to spread the net wide enough now and you put it in the right part of the river, then you will catch some fish. If you connect with the right people or have the right idea, then you can make progress.

There are bounties aplenty to harvest with Mars square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and of risk taking. There is a really enterprising side to this square and it will drive us all on to do something big and exciting. This square challenges us to do our best and go for gold, but there is the chance that we can either be too impatient and we won’t wait around for things to happen. Saturn square to the Full Moon and Sun tell us that this will not be the case, things will not get better overnight and any ideas we have will take time to develop. The need here is to show a little humility and patience.

Indeed, we might have the ideas in our heads but not action them at all. Why? That’s because Jupiter will be in a wide conjunction to Venus. These two bodies will be rising close together in the morning skies now. This is a very lucky combination but also one that may incline you not to act, as if things are too easy and they will come to you. Don’t you believe it for one second. To get any luck in life, you have to act to make it happen yourself. Unless you go down to the riverbank or set the boat off from it’s moorings, you wont catch anything. If we do take the chance that the full Moon sextile to Uranus offers, use the inspiration of Mars and Neptune in trine, and act on the square from Mars to Jupiter the the rewards could be wonderful. The bounty of Jupiter and Venus, the planets of luck combined with the planet of money, relationships and beauty can be as good as it gets. That fishing net I talked of earlier might be bulging at the seams when you haul it out of the water.

The fishy nature of this Full Moon is complete when you look at the fixed stars to it. This time it makes a conjunction to Sualocin, the star in the constellation of Delphinus, the friendly, lovable dolphin*. Dolphins are very Aquarian indeed being intelligent, independent, cheeky, inventive and they love socialising. This is a star that accentuates the talents that we have, and if it connects to our planets it indicates that we will have mastery over an area of life. Putting this all together, you have to use your own talents now via this full Moon to get out of the sticky situation that you have got yourself in. You may have to share an idea or use someone else’s advice or abilities to get you through. If you do, if you take a bit of a chance, use your feelings and intuition and if you are patient enough, then then success will surely come. Time to bait up the hook, cast away and wait for a big one to bite…

* Yes I know the dolphin is a mammal !!


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