Saturday, 22 March 2014

Venus conjunct Sualocin - Artistically blessed and naughtily flirtatious


This connection kicks in tomorrow (23rd March) lasts for approximately 48 hours. It occurs at 17:35 degrees Aquarius.

Venus is now moving in to connect with a wonderful star with a naughty and fun reputation. Sualocin is the main star in the constellation of the dolphin, Delphinus. This star very closely reflects the nature of a dolphin, being fun, curious, clever and intelligent, quite independent and it also confers talent or mastery over an area of life. This is a star of confidence and skill.

Venus is the planet of money and possessions, design and beauty, love and attraction and with these two hooking up then you can imagine the possibilities. This could be a time when you can cleverly adjust your finances, it could be an opportunity to be artistic and creative and to make the most of the skills that you possess. This is a great opportunity as well to spend time on or near water as any maritime activity should be enjoyed. Finally of course, it could be a moment when you can use your charm and wit to snare the object of your desires.

There is a feeling of being able to be a bit naughty about Venus conjunct to Sualocin, it's a time to flirt, to be playful in love and with love and sex, to laugh, to tempt, to tease and to suggest. Love should be an enjoyable experience and not one that you should get too serious about, so I suggest you lighten the mood and take pleasure in spending some quality time with the one you adore ;)

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