Saturday, 7 September 2013

Venus in Scorpio – Putting your relationships and values on the line


Between 11th September and 7th October, Venus dives into the sign of Scorpio. Venus in Libra is all the search for harmony, sweetness and light and Venus is unlikely to make a firm decision as this combination is all about sitting on the fence. All that changes on the 11th September because Scorpio compels Venus to make one, even if that means that you have to upset someone along the way do so.

The sign of Scorpio is all about the ultimate truth and the journey you have to take to get to it. Whenever a planet enters this sign then I see it intensified to its ultimate extent. Scorpio concentrates it’s power in both good and bad ways, it strips away the veneer that has been built up gliding through Libra. Think of the craftsman with an old piece of furniture who has to use the paint-stripper to get down to the bare wood and metal. That is what Pluto is doing here to Venus, the planet of love, or relating and diplomacy, the planet of our possessions and values.

In relationships for this month we will get down to the bare essentials. Is this relationship working? If it isn’t, why isn’t it? When we find that out, we will then have to make a black or white decision whether to continue it, or not. Scorpio is about life and death, endings and new beginnings, it destroys you then empowers you. In Scorpio we find out your real values, what you really need and what you don’t. Scorpio doesn’t mind plummeting the depths and we may find sex and intimacy being used as a tool, as a means to an end to define where a relationship stands. Love is taken to a new intense level as Venus enters this sign. Just relating is no longer just good enough, we will want to get up close and personal, we will want to share and experience ultimate human emotions.

All this intensity will have spin-offs though, as the closer we get the more that these emotions are stirred in both good and bad ways. With Venus in Scorpio jealousy will be a by-product when we can’t achieve the control we want, because someone else has it. With Venus in Scorpio we may get obsessed in trying to wrestle that control and power back to us through manipulation and secret tactics. In Venus in Scorpio we will fight our corner because fear and survival is the name of the game now, it is either them or us who will come out on top, as compromise is no longer an option. With Venus in Scorpio we have to define who we are, our real selves are laid out in front of everyone for all to see.

You know there is a real honesty in where people stand that will immediately come out through this transit. This is the time when those with the power and the big money will make their move as they know that they can be bigger and stronger through making relationships and through merger, Scorpio is the ultimate sign of sharing. The weak will fall and the strong will get stronger, strong alliances will thrive and vulnerable ones will shatter, break or be consumed by the survivors.

The next month is going to see many issues resolved not only personally but internationally too as at the end of this intense and revealing period of time we and our fellow citizens on planet earth will know ourselves much better and what we want out of life much more clearly and concisely. I am not going to say it is going to be an easy ride as you will not be able to escape this process of purging and cleansing and the nature of Venus in Scorpio may dredge up all sorts of nasty secrets and issues that you probably didn’t want to see the light of day. I will say this though. Once all the toxins and poisons have been removed, we will have a clean bright and purified environment around us once again, one we can explore and expand into once Venus arrives in Sagittarius.

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