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Floyd Mayweather Jnr – A man of grace and brutality.


In the world of boxing at this moment in time, the pound of pound best fighter on the planet just has to be Floyd Mayweather Jnr. He is unbeaten, and at 36 is still almost impossible to hit. This weekend in Las Vegas he stands to earn an incredible $41.5 million dollars for his fight against Saul Alvarez. If it goes the full 12 rounds he will still be earning more than $1 million a minute. Floyd is an incredible character with some incredible habits but he knows the bottom line is winning and so despite some strange and outlandish behaviour, come fight night, the ultimate professional will step into the ring.

FloydMayweatherJnr natal

Floyd was born on 24th February 1977 (no birth time known) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a Sun sign Pisces and has a Taurean Moon. This is quite a fixed chart and thus Floyd will be one determined guy who will probably have a set routine in his mind. People with quite a few planets in fixed signs, and Floyd has 6 of them, will be motivated to succeed in their goals, they will keep going until they reach them and once at the top they will be ultra keen to stay there. The combination of Pisces Sun and Taurean Moon shows the gentle and sensitive feeling of the Pisces Sun combining with need of the Taurean Sun to keep things as they are. Taurus is a touchy feely sign and we have a really quite romantic and yet elusive combination here, there is the need for contact and yet Floyd will be a very crafty customer too. This is exactly the presence he give in the ring – he loves to hit his opponents but gives them them nothing to aim at.

Floyd is a real individual all right. His Pisces Sun makes just one major aspect and that is a trine to unique and independent Uranus. It is hard enough to keep control of a Pisces as they live life on their terms and in their own particular way but infused with a trine from Uranus, Floyd will be very unorthodox, probably a quite bizarre and very individual in his habits. I have read reports that he has colour coded limousines and wears his underwear and trousers only ever once. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but it certainly fits into the mould that I see. This Sun also describes his father as a bit of a rogue and he was sent to prison on drug charges, that’s the Neptune influence ruling escapism and narcotics added to shocking and unpredictable Uranus rolled into one. The Sun also sits on the star Deneb Adige, the main star in Cygnus the constellation of the Swan. The Swan is both mystical graceful and yet hostile too and these qualities perfectly describe his basic character. With this conjunction to the Sun we have a need to explore and to act on one’s ideas and beliefs. This is the position of the pioneer and in boxing terms, Floyd is definitely someone who is rather unique and special.

There are a couple of oppositions on this chart, but the main one main also is part of a very powerful t-square. Saturn in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius focusing onto Uranus in Scorpio. This is a fixed t-square and the Saturn Mars opposition shows Floyd to have a truly determined and hard-working attitude to his life. His is a life of dedication knowing that nothing will come easy to him and the Mars Saturn opposition suggests that this is a man who will work best when he is on his own, doing his own thing. This is not a stale opposition, because Uranus is here forming a t-square. No this is a man who innovates, is a technician and this is someone who will dive the depths and go to extremes to put the work in. In a technical sense, his preparation will be perfect and done without cutting corners. Mars in Aquarius square to Uranus in Scorpio is a brutal square, very restless, energetic and dynamic. When Floyd wants something he wants it immediately, and invariably he will get it. There is a very strong and resolute will here, a disregard of authority and a single mindedness of purpose in him.

Saturn in Leo is a self-conscious position and so Floyd as a person in not so light hearted in nature, no this is a man who gets down to business. Why? This is because Saturn in Leo shows a great need for praise in one’s life and to get it one has to achieve one’s ambitions. Mars in Aquarius does indicate someone who can cooperate if he needs to and he will be comfortable with a team around him, although when he goes to work, that individual focus of the Saturn Mars opposition does kick in.

Mars makes a trine to Pluto giving him a lot of stamina and clarity of purpose and his actions to succeed. Pluto is the smallest of the planets and yet has the most power of all of them, I see it is a super concentrated influence that it imparts onto all the other planets it connects with. Here we see Mars being affected by the trine and the effect is to bring in economy of effort to achieve one’s aims. Pluto is destructive but also understated and the violence of Mars takes on the quiet dark efficiency of Pluto. Neptune sits at the point of a mini grand trine (at the midpoint of Mars and Pluto) and what Reinhold Ebertin says of Neptune at this spot is fascinating. He says Neptune at this midpoint is “irreconcilable or implacable, cunning and deceitful, has a tendency to cause harm to others secretly and unobtrusively”. Isn’t that Floyd all over? He is as slippery as an eel but ruthlessly destructive with it.

There is a very talented kite structure on this chart based around an emotionally intense Pluto Venus opposition that will have an obsessive need for both love and money. Venus in Aries will not be shy in going out to get whatever he desires ands in his personal relationships, jealousy and power struggles may become an serious issue. Venus is also part of a grand fire trine connecting to Saturn and Neptune. There is a sense of loyalty here that will come out in Floyd’s character and this I think is shown through the people who work for him. Floyd does have an entourage that travels the world with him, his “crew”, and I understand some of these are made up of guys who have fallen on hard times in the past and who Floyd has thrown a helping hand too. Here is the caring and sympathetic side of Floyd Mayweather, a  Pisces remember who offers work (Saturn) to those less fortunate than himself (Neptune) bringing them into into his fold through his relationship with them (Venus).

Venus makes a sextile over to Mercury in Aquarius and this indicates a real kindness and humanitarian streak that Floyd has within him and one that he acts upon. Mercury in Aquarius is very aware of social trends and needs, and his mind will always be attuned to helping out people and bringing them together. This is also an aspect where one appreciates design, beauty and grace and watching Floyd box and move is watching an art form itself. Mercury in Aquarius is clever and innovative, logical, unemotional and rational, and that how Floyd thinks, he outsmarts his opponents, out moves them and then the more brutal side of his nature finishes them off with the economy of effort I mentioned earlier. In the way that Floyd speaks and thinks, Mars conjunct Mercury  shows a sharp tongue, a love of an argument and a debate and he will cut to the chase by being incisive, frank and very honest. He can play the mind games too if needs be. Mercury trine to Pluto shows someone who delves deep below the surface in any issue and can use manipulative tactics if he thinks the situation warrants them.

There is one last aspect that I have to focus on and this is a square from the Moon, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith to Mercury. This triple conjunction in Taurus shows an unstinting and unswerving determination to keep things as they are. The Moon in Taurus shows a calm demeanour, emotions that can be kept under check and a need for a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle. Jupiter in this earthy sign is very sensuous and loves contact, has a strong need for financial and material security and yet has a business brain allied to these desires. This is a very generous position and he will be very charitable one he feels he is financially secure. Black Moon Lilith in Taurus very much echoes this need for security and for comfort however I think he will never be satisfied and will always want to earn more and more and more. Floyd has already amassed a fortune to see him confortable for the rest of his days, but I think this Black Moon Lilith pushes him on constantly increase his bank balance. There is one other signature here that i need to highlight. The need for security affects his boxing style, so as a result it is naturally defensive. Add in all the talent, the style and the artful way he avoid his opponents and this is why he is the best in the world at the moment in what he does. The square out to Mercury indicates big plans and visions as well as a gambling instinct too, Floyd will take a risk, although with Mercury in Aquarius, this will be one stacked in his favour after he has coolly looked at all of the options first.

Certainly Jupiter and maybe the Moon sit in conjunction with the star Capulus, one of the most vicious and savage stars in the heavens. Capulus is a star in the warrior Perseus and the star itself resides in Perseus’ sword. This star is linked to male sexuality and when touched by planets, that brutal and violent side will often come out in one’s personality or life. If the Moon sits with Capulus (which is a possibility) then Floyd will have to deal with a hostile environment in his life, which he does very often, including having problems with women. He has served a jail sentence for domestic abuse. The link to Jupiter shows that he will tackle problems head on in a very straightforward and rather aggressive manner.

I have looked at a couple of boxing greats since I started this blog including Muhammad Ali and Floyd certainly has a chart that stacks up alongside Ali with plenty of planets in fixed signs which does seem to be a signature for successful boxers. The thing about Floyd  chart is the grace and those elusive qualities that seem to flow through it which Floyd naturally has being a Pisces. Maybe that how he has got through to 36 without seemingly have been beaten up. In that picture above he looks as fresh as a daisy, and I suspect that despite him being the older and lighter man, he will successfully get through yet another title defence come tomorrow evening.

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