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Mercury Retrograde for June and July 2013

Mercury retrograde

Mercury as I write has just entered the shadow zone for it's retrograde period which begins on 26th June. The retrograde hit zone this time around is between 13 and 23 degrees Cancer and lasts until 3rd August although the retrograde period itself will end as Mercury stations on 21st July.

Mercury retrograde brings a lot of fear of things going wrong and if you have Mercury as a personal planet (i.e. you are a Sun Gemini or Virgo), you have it on a significant angle like your Ascendant or Midheaven or Mercury itself is conjunct one of the main angles of your chart, then maybe you tend to feel it more keenly than other people do. Certainly as Mercury grids to a stop either at the beginning of the retrograde period or at the end as it stations, I have found that it seems to have more of a potent effect on us all.

Mercury does rule the mind and the thought processes and here as it turns we will become more reflective and as with all retrograde actions on the planets, a process of review and revision will begin. Mercury is also known as the trickster of the heavens and while stationed or moving backwards, he will play games on you especially if during that time he contacts your natal planets, so be aware.

Ok lets have a quick look at the Rising Signs and how it may affect you personally

Aries Rising – This Mercury Retrograde period may affect issues to do with your family, your home, your domestic situation, relations with women and issues to do with things that have gone before. Maybe events or people from your past will enter your life, maybe you will review your home situation and work out what you need to do to make your abode a better place, might you need to redecorate or rearrange things? Confusion and misunderstandings between you and your family could occur.

Taurus Rising – Mercury Retrograde this time around will affect communications, transport, local issues and maybe your brothers and sisters. Letters, emails or parcels potentially could get lost or people may get the wrong impression about the messages you are trying to put out. This is a time when I would double check any paperwork and documents. Technical issues or transport delays could hamper you and try to reconnect with brothers, sisters and people in your local area.

Gemini Rising -  This time around with Mercury Retrograde you would be well advised to look carefully at your financial situation and what you really value in your life. Do you actually need what you own and are these things you have really serving their purpose? If you are lacking in self worth, why is this? Payments could be delayed or there could be confusion over financial issues now, or you could actually get lucky and receive a windfall.

Cancer Rising – This Mercury Retrograde period occurs in the most personal area of your chart and now you will be reviewing who you really are and how you appear. Do you need a change of image now to bring yourself up to date? Is the way you are expressing yourself really true to yourself or not? This is a time when you must take your own inner feelings and transfer them to the outer you that you show the world; be true to yourself now.

Leo Rising – For you Mercury Retrograde this time is all about retreating into the background a little and finding a little inner peace and calm. This may be a conscious decision or then again circumstances may force you into this action. Whichever way it occurs, you can connect with yourself in a more spiritual manner and possibly you can work out and solve any psychological problems or hang-ups that you have been having recently. Helping other people to improve their lives will bring great satisfaction to you now

Virgo Rising – Mercury Retrograde for you will be a time when other people including friends and groups will play a bigger part in your life than normal. You may catch up with mates and buddies who you haven’t seen in a while or you could feel that some friends have outlived their purpose and you will decide to cut ties with them. Be careful not to get mixed messages from friends as confusion could occur. This is a time also to review your hope, dreams and plans for the future.

Libra Rising – This Mercury Retrograde period will focus on work and career issues. You get a promotion or you may lose your position under this influence. It is a good time to complete work that you had already started, however be careful in taking on any new work clients or contacts during this time as they could cause you problems. Be careful not to make mistakes in your work, check things thoroughly and also be careful how you talk to bosses and senior people as they may take thing the wrong way.

Scorpio Rising – This Mercury Retrograde is a time to review what you believe in, what you know and what you think the future may hold for you. Are you really following the philosophy in life that you are setting yourself or do you need to make a change of course now? This is a great time to re-enter education and to learn something you always wanted to learn. Be very careful if you are taking a long trip or going abroad as unexpected delays and hitches could thwart your best laid plans.

Sagittarius Rising – For you Mercury Retrograde focuses in on issues of sharing and whether you are getting a fair deal from your partner or spouse. This is a time to review debt and pay off monies owed and reassess shared financial issues. Try not to take out new loans or repayment contracts now. Try to purge things out of your life that are of no use and if you need to psycho-analyse yourself you can do this successfully now. In your most intimate relationships you would be best to work out if you can improve these with your partner.

Capricorn Rising – Mercury Retrograde here asks you to review your partnerships, both personal and professional. It may be time to get things out in the open and to discuss the real issues so that you can set a fresh course. Not doing so could lead to confusion, misunderstandings and eventual problems. Partnership issues from the past that may have affected you could come up again. Try not to make new associations with people, or make formal arrangements under this influence.

Aquarius Rising – This Mercury Retrograde period focuses on work, routine and health for you. Are you feeling well and if you are not what are you going to do about it? This is a time to look at your general well-being and to see where you may be able to improve it. Relations with co workers could be difficult now as misunderstandings may happen at work. Try to adjust your work routine and your tasks or even the place where you work to make it better suited to your needs.

Pisces Rising – This time around Mercury Retrograde may blunt your creative edge and you may feel that inspiration is not with you now, so why not try and get some ideas from listening to music or exploring art and creativity done by other people? An person from the past who maybe you fancied may reappear now and if you feel that your emotional life is not as it should be, so maybe now would be a time to spice it up a little; please try not to start up a new relationship now as it may not go to plan. Fun times can be had with children, especially if you connect with them through games and ways of entertainment you enjoyed when you were a child.

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