Monday, 18 March 2013

United Kingdom – Aries Ingress chart 2013


If I get time over the next couple of days, I will have a look at the Aries ingress charts for a series of countries around the world to see what is in store in the next 3 months. The ingress chart is the moment the Sun crosses the 0 degrees Aries point, and many Astrologers say that it sets the tone and the themes for the next three months, until the next cardinal ingress point at the beginning of Cancer. I naturally start off with my home country of the UK.


On this chart we have a yod aimed at Jupiter from Saturn and Pluto, a grand water trine (Moon, Mercury/Neptune, Saturn) and a t-square from a Moon Pluto opposition aimed at a volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction. A lot to work through here so what do I see?

Firstly the yod. We have Pluto in the 6th house of the public workers and unions so transformation is coming here to public services. Saturn sits in the 5th house of sport, children, entertainment as well as the financial brokers and the stock exchanges as well as any kind of speculation. We may find regulation or tough times for these areas of British life, in effect the budgets may be limited and reform of administrative bodies may be insisted on. The pointer of the Yod however is aimed at Jupiter in the 12th house, so the main area of concern and possible bone of contention will be the make up and funding of the Nation Health Service; expect reforms aimed here as well as reforms to welfare and the care of the less fortunate in society.

With the Moon in the 12th house conjunct to the Ascendant, the people will continue to suffer and this disaffection will be taken up by the unions (Moon Pluto opposition). This could lead to strike and industrial action aimed at the government, seen by the Mars Uranus conjunction in the 10th house of the people at the top of society conjunct to the UK Sun and Venus. Cancer rules the 2nd house of the money supply and UK finance, and Pluto’s influence on Cancer’s ruler the Moon I think may block rather than encourage any significant financial recovery. Uranus and Mars square to the Moon I think indicates instability in the UK monetary position. The relationship between those unions and the Government is likely to be rather strained I feel. This wide 4 planet conjunction also hints a new industrial projects backed by the Government to benefit the public which are far reaching and modern.

The grand water trine I think concerns overseas issues. Saturn sits in the 5th house of dependent colonies, Neptune shows a connection to natural gas and oil as well as to faith issues and the connection to the Moon shows public support. I am thinking here of the Falkland Islands issue which I think may rumble on through the spring. There are potentially large reserves of oil near to the Falkland Islands, and just today, the president of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has asked the new pope, Francis I to intervene in the situation. I think that the grand trine shows the UK and the people standing firmly behind the government on these issues.

Finally we have a square between Jupiter and Mercury which I see as a philosophical argument about potential freedom (Jupiter) of the press (Mercury) and creative media (Mercury/Neptune) over what they can publish (9th house/Jupiter) and what they can’t. The UK will continue to do well in music and film, Jupiter grants favour on all creative and artistic projects aimed at an overseas market.

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