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Queen Elizabeth taking it easy as she recovers from stomach bug

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Queen Elizabeth is a little bit ill at the moment as she slowly recovers from a stomach bug that affected her so much that she had to be admitted to hospital for just over 24 hours. This week for the first time in ages, she cancelled all her engagements as she recovers, prompting some concern in the British press. The Queen is now 86 years of age and still carries out a gruelling schedule of engagements each year, last year celebrating her diamond jubilee was very busy for her, so maybe it is no surprise that she is taking her time to get better, especially as the weather is very cold right now.

ElizabethIIQueen natal 

Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926 in London at 02:40 hrs so she is a Sun sign Taurus with a regal Leo Moon and a Capricorn Ascendant. Her chart has 6 planets in fixed signs, so this is one lady who once she makes up her mind will not be moved easily. The status quo is very important to Sun Taureans and they normally have great stamina to keep moving along, at their own pace of course. The mix of Taurean Sun and Leo Moon sees great stubbornness, and she will need a secure, comfortable and peaceful environment as well as adoration and love. I think she secretly rather enjoys all the events and engagements she attends, as it allows her to receive the attention that the Leo Moon really needs. One thing is for sure. Elizabeth with this combination will be very strong willed, and she will invariably get her own way about things, especially as her Sun is peregrine and unconnected to any other planet. She is a true Taurean, strong as a bull, unmoving, steady, reliable, possessive and yet very peace loving and sensitive.

The dominant feature on the chart is the t-square with Saturn, the chart ruler at the Midheaven square to Mars and Jupiter which are opposite to Neptune. That Saturn is incredibly powerfully placed in Scorpio showing supreme authority and power connected to her pubic persona. That authority extends overseas as Saturn sits in her 9th house of international affairs and over religion and faith issues indicated by the squares to both Jupiter and Neptune, the faith planets. She of course is head of the Anglican church. Saturn square to Jupiter has meant that she has travelled extensively, probably more than any head of state ever has, or ever will.

Jupiter and Mars in the 1st house bring a very optimistic and cheerful side to her character, she will be warm and engaging and a lot of fun to be with. This aspect in combination with Saturn in Scorpio brings bags of energy and verve. Both these planets are in Aquarius, and so she is someone who will never hold back change and innovation. Maybe that is why she has been so universally popular? She has been able to keep the traditions we love, but she has always engaged new ways of doing things, from her TV broadcasts at Christmas to the spoof appearance in the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games. If ever that sense of fun came through to us all, then this was a classic moment.

Opposite to Mars Jupiter is a conjunction of Neptune and the Moon both in Leo. Elizabeth with these planets sitting in her 7th house needs a dream partner by her side and luckily she found her perfect one in Philip Mountbatten. The family for her will be tremendously important for her as will have been any women in her life, including I suspect her mother. The Neptune Moon conjunction is rather sensitive, compassionate, rather dreamy and emotional too. Maybe you wouldn’t expect her to have such a side to her nature, but I assure you that it will show itself now and again. The opposition here between Mars and Neptune does not want an ordinary life, and that is something that she has definitely not had, indeed it craves a bit of excitement and a chance to act out your fantasies. The Mars opposition to her Leo Moon says that Elizabeth does have a sharp temper, and one which which anyone would be well warned not to cross.

Her Mercury and Uranus sit in conjunction, Uranus in Pisces and Mercury in Aries, a very progressive combination that loves innovation, she may have been really interested and intrigued in science and all kinds of technology throughout her life. This conjunction shows a very sharp brain and someone who would never be outwitted very easily. That Uranus makes a trine to her Midheaven and Saturn, so here again is a link to that progressive nature in ruling the United Kingdom as well as being a true humanitarian on behalf of the nation. This is a lady who never complains and gets on with the job, truly admirable for her age and the amount of years she has spent in the spotlight.

I move to her Venus in Pisces in her first house which is wonderfully soft hearted and creative. This Venus will enjoy music and dance, love and romance. In her personal style, it adds a softness and elegance but that peregrine Taurean Sun would tend to make her stick to what she knows in a fashion sense, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t would be her motto. It makes a trine to Pluto in her 6th house, so she is a true workaholic, that Pluto refuses to stop, someone who wants to keep on going as long as she can, meeting people, making relationships and touching as many people’s lives as she can. That Pluto in the 6th house can be rather difficult with people who work for her; she will expect top standards and anyone who does not adhere to these will certainly hear about it. There is a passion here for doing things right and well, an intensity that can dominate others and one that shows a charismatic and powerful sincerity; a wholehearted approach to life itself.

ElizabethIIQueen transits

Her illness comes as a result of transiting Saturn which is square to her natal Moon. Saturn rules her 1st house of health and the Moon through Cancer rules her 6th and 7th houses, those of health and routine and that of her husband, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. That Saturn square is certainly holding her back physically and it is not moving fast so she may take time to recover. As Saturn has an effect on her husband, we should keep an eye on him as well as her own health as it turns direct and makes another direct hit in October later this year.

The transiting Nodes are making a square to her Neptune opposition to Mars and Jupiter which again has health implications. Her Neptune rules hospitals and Mars and Jupiter both sit in her 1st house affecting her physical state of health. The hospital stay came as a surprise, and often the Nodes when square to a planet bring unexpected outcomes and events. Elizabeth will be experiencing her Pluto return at the end of the year, and this could see an issue with her health return as Pluto sits natally in her 6th house ruling health matters and daily routine as well as her Midheaven and 10th house affecting work and public responsibilities. This may well see her stepping back markedly from doing public duties.  

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