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Sagittarius Rising – Monthly astrological forecast for February 2013


The following monthly forecast is only valid for those of you with Sagittarius as your rising sign, which is probably different from your Sun sign as it is dependent of the time of your birth rather than on the date of your birth. If you do know exactly or approximately when you were born, please click on the following link to find you Ascendant sign - FIND YOUR ASCENDANT SIGN

Sagittarius Rising – February 2013

For you Sagittarius, the Sun is passing though your 3rd and latterly your 4th houses so you will experience a busy first three weeks of the month when you will be running around doing errands around your local area and you may be forever on the go dealing with phone calls & emails - the pace of life may be quite hectic. You may get to know people in your local area including your neighbours quite a bit more during this time. This is a great time to start some type of new studies, as your mind will be bright and alert. Venus early in February moves into your 3rd house of communications too. Venus is the planet of love, so why not tell the people around you that you do love and appreciate them; spread a little love around your local area & you'll feel good for doing so. Trips to explore the beauty of your local surroundings may be enjoyable and well worth doing. The New Moon on 10th February may focus issues on brothers and sisters, on transport, education, neighbours, paperwork or messages you receive.

Mercury will in Pisces for most of the month moving through your 4th house, so your thoughts and emotions will also be drawn to what is happening at home. Domestic situations and matters involving your parents will take up more and more of your time. This is you in a more reflective mood, and you will be drawn to assess things that happened in the past. Events that affected you deeply in previous years will need to be analysed so that you can work out why they happened in order that you can solve any current problems or issues in your life. Mercury’s conjunction in or around the 6th February may make you extra sentimental now and very dreamy and forgetful in the process. Mars will be in your 4th house as well making you not so easy to live with, irritable and upset. This transit works on an unconscious level stirring up emotions from the depths of your soul. A parent’s actions may cause you considerable strain now & people at work may block your best efforts. To relax why not try to discover your family roots or study your genealogy or settle yourself down with a good book to lose yourself in an imaginary world, rather than facing the world that you are currently in? Mercury turns retrograde on 23rd in this rather sensitive area of your chart. Maybe you will have to face up to issues from your past now and maybe your relations with women may cause problems and confusion? Watch out for technical problems at home and things breaking or going wrong now. The Full Moon on the 25th occurs in Virgo making square to Jupiter, so interference from a partner, your spouse or from international associations could cause problems at home and at work.

During this month, two of the most influential planets in the heavens Jupiter and Saturn change direction. Jupiter finally turns to move forward again in Gemini, and Saturn in Scorpio stops to move retrograde from 18th February. Jupiter is located in your 7th house of partnerships and marriage now, and the light of optimism will spread through these areas of your life. Permanent partnership will expand and develop as Jupiter progresses, your relationship with your spouse or lover will be more open and transparent and you may be able to develop one to one business links too, although the pace of this improvement in your life will be slow to appear at first. Saturn is now moving in your 12th house of solitude, sacrifice, spirituality, work done behind the scenes and hidden enemies. This is a time where you may pull away from your social scene for a while and in truth this could be in a difficult and testing time in a psychological sense, as you may have to cope with hidden fears and encounter people working against your best intentions. You may be brought into contact with hospitals or institutions where suffering is dealt with, or you might have to assist people who are down on their luck. All these experiences will help you assess your real needs and will test your belief systems to the full.

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