Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mars conjunct Vega – Go on, be artistic…


This conjunction is now valid until 8th December

This is a lovely connection between Mars the planet of action and the star Vega, a stunning star in the constellation of Lyra, the harp. This star is the musical star in the heavens. Mozart had this star rising when he was born and it contributes artistic talent at your fingers if it connects on an angle in your chart or on a personal planet. I think that the placement of this star is one of the reasons that Capricorn is also considered one of the musical signs in the zodiac.

Vega itself is associated with Orpheus who the Greeks believed owned the Lyre in the skies. Orpheus was able to play enchanting music that could tame animals, so this star is not only associated with music but also representative of poetry, spells, magic and charisma. On a more negative note, the power of Vega can be used in a more unsavoury way in being able to con and deceive people.

Mars brings its energy here onto Vega, and the urge to create and produce things of beauty is heightened and increased. If you are artistic, then this is a superb time to use the inspiration of this conjunction to create some magic. So also is the temptation to take a chance and trick people into doing what you want them to do so be careful not to be on the receiving end in the next couple of days. Robson also says that the beguiling power of Mars on Vega is good for scientific interests and research, can encourage unpopular opinions to be aired, but is also favourable for gain.

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