Friday, 16 November 2012

Venus conjuncts Arcturus and Spica - Trying to find a peaceful solution


This is now working for us (16th through 19th November 2012)

So interesting how the stars are acting out a drama at this present time which is developing in the Middle East. I have looked previously many times at Spica in Virgo "the shining one" and Arcturus in Bootes "the hunter and teacher" so I won't go back over their meanings. Venus comes calling to this part of the sky now to conjunct with both stars simultaneously in the next couple of days. Venus is a social planet, a planet of peace and of diplomacy.

Now with the aggression rising in Israel and Gaza, the most talented diplomats in the world are trying to work their magic to get one or the other side to back down as the rockets fly and the air raids continue. Arcturus shows a propensity to lead from the front and to explore new possibilities, and Venus on Spica is clever and persuasive, and good at networking. The leaders of the world will have to use all their inventive charm to get a resolution to this seemingly intractable problem. It's not going to be an easy job.

In your life, after Mars has been running through the stars of the Scorpion's tail (Aculeus and Acumen), Neptune squared to Mercury retro causing confusion and that powerful eclipse of the Sun, I will bet somewhere in your life that tension would have been at a high point; it certainly was in mine. Now, Venus comes to try to soothe the pain a little using all it's charm and social skills. We all now need a little tender care and attention from this more gentle influence in the heavens...

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