Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Saturn inconjunct Uranus - Keeping the status quo in the face of opposition


This aspect is applying between now and 16th November when it is exact, but stays in orb until the end of November.

This inconjunct aspect is now in formation, as the planet of stability and order (Saturn) faces off against the planet of instability and progress (Uranus). Now, there is always a battle of wills when these two planets aspect each other. Normally tradition dictates that the outer planet of the two holds sway and this is normally Uranus, as it is impossible to hold back change and innovation. However, Saturn is moving direct right now and Uranus is retrograde, so the advantage does in my view go with the old order, the established way of doing things and those who hold the rule of law. Saturn has momentum and Uranus does not.

Once Uranus starts to move direct again, this force for new ideas and ways of doing things will have it's way, but it isn't right now. Those anti-establishment forces because of the retrograde motion will rebel, revolt and make a real issue of the lack of progression, and this could turn nasty. Expect a furious backlash from those who lose under this influence, or can't do what they want to do because they are being prevented or blocked. On a global note, I always look out for earthquakes as this one closes in, as it is a shearing type of aspect posing the immovable object against the irresistible force.

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