Friday, 19 October 2012

Sun trine Neptune - Flying away in your imagination.

Sun and clouds

A nice gentle influence to write on in the midst of some rather impassioned aspects elsewhere. The Sun trine to Neptune is applying in the next 2-3 days from today the 19th through until 23rd/24th October, a time where your imagination can run wild. This is a lovely, dreamy aspect which is wonderful for enjoying art or music or even creating and writing it, for helping those in need or spending some time alone in peaceful solitude. There is a sympathetic air about Sun trine Neptune which can calm and cool even the most inflamed of situations, even if you have tell a little white lie to do so.

So if you need to back away from the hectic pace of life, then use this weekend for some rest and recuperation. Sun trine to Neptune is an escapist aspect too, and it will be very easy to lose yourself in alcohol or stronger narcotic substances, so if this your method of relaxation, please try not to overdo things.

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