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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 13/11/2012 – The dark Moon rises.

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In the middle of next month, we have another Solar Eclipse occurring the the skies. Solar Eclipses generally come around every 6 months or so, although last year we had 4 to deal with. This one arrives on 13th November and is numbered 15 North in the Saros Series of eclipses. North series eclipses are generally kinder than their Southern cousins and less traumatic, although any solar eclipse where the light and the energy of the Sun is extinguished for a brief time does shake things up on any chart, especially if the eclipse comes into contact with personal or less beneficial planets on your own chart. Lets have a look at this particular eclipse and see how it’s energy could affect the world in general.

Solar Eclipse 13Nov12

This eclipse hits at 21:56 Scorpio and only makes one interesting aspect other than a quite normal wide conjunction to Mercury retrograde. This aspect is a 165 degree quindecile to Black Moon Lilith. That same Black Moon Lilith is also at the point of a yod, connecting with Saturn and Pluto which are in sextile and also in mutual reception (in each other’s signs). This is an extraordinary amount of energy being shone like a laser beam onto BML which at the time of the eclipse will be sitting at 6:57 Gemini - note this degree.


Black Moon Lilith is an empty area in the sky, a theoretical spot around which the Moon orbits. The orbit of the Moon around the earth is elliptical and because of this there are effectively two focus points around which the Moon orbits. The first is the Earth and the second is known as Black Moon Lilith, sitting at the closest point to the Moon when it is at it’s furthest point from Earth. The position of Black Moon Lilith takes around 9 years to circle the zodiac taking around 9 months in each sign. Nine months of course is the time a woman is in pregnancy, and of course the Moon which creates the possibility for BML to exist is also associated with the fairer sex. 

For hundreds of years, the effect of BML moving around the horoscope has been noted, and I think it would be fair to say that she has a rather sordid and fearsome reputation. BML represents the dark side of our character, the part hidden away in our psyche that others do not see, until it is too late of course. It represents our hidden desires and fears, and so that we can get on with our lives, we do have to face those fears at some point, unless you are some kind of saint of course. Think of the 7 deadly sins, sloth, greed, vanity, wrath, envy, gluttony and lust; all these desires succinctly describe what BML is all about, and more. Black Moon Lilith is the temptress of the heavens, the dark, sexually manipulative maiden who lures unassuming men away from their mundane existences for a brief turbulent but exhilarating time, only to depart just as quickly destroying their lives and their permanent relationships in the process.

Now let’s try and put all this together. This family of eclipses according to Brady in her book “Predictive Astrology” generally promote success and joy in taking on responsibilities or commitments. She says that pregnancy, birth and parenthood are expressions that can be associated with this particular series. Now how on earth do we qualify this with the most focused angle you could get to Black Moon Lilith? Is it that we will see the birth of some extreme group or ideology? Black Moon Lilith is after all conjunct to Jupiter on eclipse day, the planet of expansion, wisdom, faith, learning and law. Will some international or worldwide event (Jupiter connection here) based on any of those deadly sins capture the world’s attention?

The yod with BML at the focus point is I believe just as significant. This shows the full force of BML being associated with power (Pluto), ambition (Saturn), maybe death and destruction (Pluto), the heavy handed rule of law (Saturn), control (Pluto) and limitation (Saturn). Again, the premise of this eclipse suggests that those who try these tactics will in the main be successful. It’s a chastening thought that the next year or so may be dominated by events around the qualities of BML, but this is what this particular eclipse looks like to me.

We still have the Saturn Neptune trine in action which promotes the solidifying of ideas, ideals and dreams, and if this trine is working in tune with your personal chart, anything may be possible for you. There are other sides to this aspect too. Is this a sign of a more conservative attitude to faith and spirituality, or will deceptive actions of the past induced by Neptune be opened up and held to account by harsh Saturn in Scorpio? Saturn is inconjunct to Uranus on this chart, which continues the theme of rebellion to the rule of governments, leaders and austerity measures, a trend which has been raging around the world showing opposition to dictators in the Middle East and financial instability and economic failure in Europe.

We have a trine between Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and Uranus plus a square from Mercury to Neptune and this opens out the possibilities for all sorts of technological advances and this also should be a fantastic time for artists, designers and musicians, and I hope astrologers too. Venus is making a quindecile to Uranus which suggests very unpredictable attitudes to money and finance, currencies around the world may rise and fall sharply. Venus also makes a trine to Jupiter too, so will over optimistic attitudes to the money supply, over expansion and lack of control cause this potential instability? Global relationships and diplomacy may be affected in the same manner, and the relationships between leaders and countries may be just as unstable, with agreements signed and then broken in the same manner that Venus Uranus aspects brings people together in a moment of passion, only for the relationship to break up just as quickly.

Mars in Sagittarius makes yet another quindecile in this chart to Jupiter. This is a pioneering aspect as well as rather aggressive. The fact that Mars is also widely conjunct to Pluto which are both square to unpredictable Uranus brings the distinct possibility in my mind that international military action or war may punctuate the year ahead. Will we see a military invasion of another state, or possibly random terrorist action or maybe revolts and riots which cause damage? I suspect that a rash of sexual, big business and possibly governmental scandals will continue under this influence as Saturn sextile to Pluto continue their inexorable grind through Scorpio and Capricorn respectively.


I have been looking at the weeks following this Solar eclipse and the full Moon on the 28th November sees that Yod I saw earlier made doubly nasty as Venus joins with Saturn and Mars with Pluto, all focused on the Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith. This for an astrologer is a particularly disturbing picture, coming on the back of a difficult Solar eclipse. I am really seriously worried what could happen around this time, and if any of you reading this article have any of your own ideas, I’d love to hear them.

As with any picture there is always another side to the story and I want to end on a positive note. The potent energy I am showing you can be used by you to change things for the better. Change is never easy but to progress in life we all have to tackle change head on otherwise we stagnate and don’t grow as human beings. I think this eclipse can be used in a forthright way if you are brave and bold. It all depends on your own circumstances, and if you want to better yourself.

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