Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mars conjunct Antares - Passion and pride, death and regeneration


This connection is valid late 19th October through 22nd October 2012

Mars in the next couple of days meets up with one of the great stars of the sky, Antares the heart of the Scorpion in Scorpio and the "Watcher of the West". The Persians said of this star that it was the star representing death and the dead. This is a star with with a reputation for having success but only though a regenerative process, of letting something die before something better can replace it. It is connected with obsession and intensity, wholeheartedness and ruthlessness.

When Mars, the old ruler of Scorpio comes along to meet with Antares, often there are consequences associated with many Scorpio themes which come to light. Looking back at the last 3 times Mars was at 9 Sagittarius where Antares resides here are the major news stories that were hitting the news wires...

In Nov 2010, the international big news was mass protests and clashes against a train carrying dangerous nuclear waste across Germany.

In Nov 2008, the Mumbai terrorist attacks happened as Mars met with Antares.

In December 2006, the big news was in Britain as a serial killer was in the middle of a killing spree aimed at local prostitutes in Suffolk, north east of London.

As you can see, when these two meet up there are often rather nasty incidents and ramifications associated with very Scorpionic themes. This time Mars as it makes it's connection with Antares, it also makes a fire trine to Uranus in Aries. This sounds very accident prone to me or a time of rebellious action, the trine allowing action and maybe dangerous force to happen. I would not be surprised if some freak happening, something like a major fire or explosion causing death and destruction hit the headlines, unusual sexual crimes or scandal, or possibly riots which get out of hand.

For you personally, the intensity and obsession of Mars and Antares can propel you to great heights, but something or some part of your life may have to be discarded in the process. Passion will be in the air and for those in love this will be a short time where you can completely let go of your inhibitions. If you are planning to do anything risky or dangerous, take precautions as we are reaching a very accident prone few days...

Have fun, but please be careful..

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  1. hi, thank you for your posts. Regarding mars in antares, what if i have natal uranus in same degree of antares in sagitarius plus oposite north node? what could that indicate? many thanks.

    1. Ok, the older interpretations of Uranus on Antares are quite extreme. Robson says that this connection brings "Abnormal and extreme ideas, hypocritical, lies and exaggerates, extremely socialistic, incites to riot, lawlessness and anarchism and in danger of imprisonment on this account, occasional poverty, disharmony with relatives, more than one marriage, unfavorable for children, violent death!!!" Now, I suspect that Antares has a much milder impact of those with Uranus there. Brady says that "one can bring the extraordiary into the ordinary, and you may have an ability to see uniqueness in everyday life".

      My own view is that you may have some unique or creative talent or attitudes to life, you naturally do things in your own special way through Uranus on your South Node and they are coloured by Antares, ie you do them in a most passionate and intense manner.

  2. Thanks so much. I was quite worried about it and looked very upseting. Somehow Robson paragraph, mke some sense to me. During the transit of my Pluto through natal Uranus (which is again conjunct antares and south node, and makes almost no aspects to other planets) many intense events ocurred in my life. the worst years in my life. first i became out of control myself, atempted suicide several times, too many, got locked in an hospital, but more than that, i just didnt felt mysef at all (now i see it) i became literally CRAZY. same time, my father died. i was betwen 15 and 17 and dont know if to asociated it to teenge rampages, but it was much more than that. some kind of current, or undercurrent, which i could not control.
    I fear of having children, as being myself near or aorund children, i sense that i can "stress" them. around my presence, i can feel them imdediatly aroused, excited.. :/ that either puts them out of control, even from their parents, or else they look and listen to me as if i was God. i guess i have to work on that. many many thanks :)

    1. No thank you too. Just goes to prove that the older astrological texts are still very valid. A tip for you. Head towards your North Node, wherever it sits in your chart. That's your destiny, place of persoonal fulfilment and the lessons that your soul needs to learn in this life.
      Thank you again for opening out and contibuting to my website. All the very best...



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