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Fixed Star Connections - Mon 11th June until Sun 17th June 2012

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This particular week in the heavens looks as if it will be quite an active one with the Sun and Mercury making several connections to fixed stars in the heavens and Jupiter making an important conjunction as the week ends.

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To start off, we still have some influences that are still in force all this week with Pluto still in contact with star Facies and Neptune conjunct Formalhaut and Sadalmelek and Jupiter conjunct Alcyone through until 15th June. To read these interpretations, please look at the previous fixed star report Fixed Stars from 7th June - 10th June 2012

We start off on Monday/Tuesday with the Sun connecting with both fixed stars Capella, one of the stars in the constellation Auriga (the Charioteer), and Bellatrix which sits in the warrior Orion. Both these stars when combined with the Sun tend to highlight the actions of a warrior, maybe a sports star. Bernadette Brady says of these connections that with Sun/Capella “the free agent or sports star takes centre stage” and Sun/Bellatrix highlights the actions of the “wounded warrior”. Maybe at Euro 2012, one player maybe highlighted for his play or possibly someone around the world in the military will capture the headlines?

Also effective on Monday Mercury conjuncts fixed star Murzims. Here we have new potential business ideas being floated or media ownership controversy will be stirred up. I can see this conjunction being especially potent as Mercury will be forming a t-square in the heavens opposite to Pluto and square Uranus. At the Leveson enquiry in the UK this week we have some heavy hitters in the witness stand including former UK Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and John Major, the current Chancellor George Osborne and Prime Minister David Cameron. I can see some dirt being dragged up especially from Brown who had little if no time at all for media baron Rupert Murdoch.

Onto Tuesday/Wednesday and the Sun moves onwards to conjunct with stars El Nath in Taurus and Phact in the constellation of Columba (the Dove). El Nath sits at the point of the horn of the bull of Taurus and traditionally this has been known as a rather aggressive spot in the sky. After all the bull’s horn is a weapon which can do great damage or it can be used in a defensive mode. El Nath is one of those stars that portents either terrible happenings or events of great good and honour. Will there be some type of battle ensue, will this be a time of attacks, either physical or verbal, will there be a hero or victor to acclaim, or a defeat to mourn?

The Sun’s connection with the star Phact indicates a headstrong individual capturing attention, someone who is passionate about their beliefs and does not take advice or no for an answer. Look around the world on these days and no doubt someone fitting this description will be in the headlines. Mercury will have moved on to conjunct the star Alhena which sits in the heel of the left twin in Gemini. This is an interesting star as Alhena has two meanings. It is known as the marching star or represents one who marches forward following a cause or a belief and it also can show the wounded heel, in effect the Achilles heel of someone or of an idea. Here we have the notion of someone moving forward, but also possibly in pain. Brady says of this connection that “some scandal, injustice or swindle will come to light” when Mercury conjuncts the star Alhena. Will someone feel pain? Will someone who is following a process or cause suddenly find that the path is not so easy as they thought it might be?

On Wednesday/Thursday the Sun reaches a conjunction with Alnilam, the buckle in the belt of Orion. This star is associated with pulling things together, be it ideas or people. This is not an inspirational star as the qualities which are being used are already there waiting to be used, but more practical in it’s application. This is a functional star which can tie all the loose ends together and produce something that lasts for a long time. It could be that someone now starts this task of bringing people and ideas together for the betterment of everyone.

Venus moving retrograde connects with one of the royal stars of Persia on Thursday for three days as it conjuncts Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull in Taurus for the second time since a first hit on 16th April. This connection often highlights community, social or environmental concerns or issues, although Venus’ connection to finance also I think means that financial issues can be in the spotlight too. On 16th April 2012 when the first hit was made, Anders Behring Breivik made his first court appearance highlighting Norway’s multicultural and social policies, UN monitors entered Syria for the first time as attacks on the population grew, it was revealed that Spain had borrowed record amounts of money from the European Central Bank and Iran said it was open to talking about it’s nuclear development. We may well see advances in one or all of these topics as Venus connects this spot in retrograde for a second time.

Mars Denebola 1

Friday 15th June finds Mars conjunct the star Denebola in the tail of the Lion in Leo. This star is a bit of an enigma as it favours action which goes against the mainstream of public thinking. We find people who live on the edge of society having strong links to this star, those who are difficult to control or who tend to rebel against the majority. Mars connecting here brings the increased possibility of some sort of shock action happening that nobody was suspecting, maybe something unique or special will happen or maybe someone from the edges of society will have an effect that is noteworthy in some way.

Also on Friday Mercury conjuncts with stars Canopus (the keel in the constellation Carina)  & Sirius which sits in Canis Major. Both these connections are connected with communication, published material or the words of a person which may be censored in some way, or it may be that something said may have far reaching repercussions. Maybe the story of the day will be the fact that lines of communication may be undermined or broken. Again we have the influence of Pluto and Uranus to think about connecting with Mercury, rebellious words or the control of what is able to be said may be important on this day.

Jupiter Mirfak 1

There is one more conjunction that begins on 17th June as Jupiter conjuncts Mirfak in Perseus until 24th June. Mirfak is a decisive star in the young warrior Perseus who in Greek mythology was seen as the conquering hero who saved Andromeda by cutting off the head of the Medusa which he holds in his hand (represented by the star Algol). This is a headstrong star which can reflect bold but possibly rash action being taken. Now Jupiter has international connotations and in the skies Jupiter will be square to Neptune at the time of this connection. Will bold or rash international military action be taken now? Will this action look good and appear the correct course at the time, only for the true state of affairs to be revealed later on as the Neptunian mist clears? This could be true of a nation or indeed an important person.

This whole connection reminds me of blind optimism, an act of bold and rash faith, and does reflect Neptune’s position conjunct to Formalhaut which promises the earth only for one to be let down. In my mind I am lead to think of two possibilities that could take place. The first is the situation in Syria and the need to take some sort of hold on a worsening crisis. If so, the world not only needs an entry strategy but a comprehensibly thought out exit one too if they decide to act. Neptune’s square to Jupiter worries and concerns me that confusion and unclear thinking may hold sway, and we could see the Syrian crisis turning very messy indeed. The second reminds me of the US Presidential race, Jupiter representing the challenger Mitt Romney. Maybe something bold or foolhardy he says or does may in the fullness of time come back to hurt him in the future. I am not so sure on this one, but it is just a hunch I have in the back of my mind. We will see as the Presidential race heats up further…

The events of the week so far

Bang on cue the captains of both the host nations Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine) and Jakub Blaszczykowski (Poland) scored crucial goals to light up Euro 2012 confirming the Sun’s conjunctions to Bellatrix and Capella highlighting a sport’s star actions. Russian and Polish fans unfortunately clashed in Warsaw highlighting the Sun’s connection to Bellatrix in the constellation of the warrior and it’s contacts with aggressive El Nath on Tuesday. In Syria, UN monitors were shot at and attacked by a stone throwing crowd as they tried to investigate more government aggression on the town of Haffa. Later A UN commentator claimed that Syria was in a state of “civil war”. In Tunisia, the violent themes were continued as a riot in 8 separate regions of the country forced the government to enforce a curfew.

In Moscow, thousands of people defied the Putin administration to protest at the increasingly iron grip that the President is taking over Russia and it’s citizens, continuing a theme I have said would happen several months ago.  At the Leveson enquiry, as predicted Gordon Brown was on blistering form as he showed his opposition to the Murdoch regime and there seemed general opposition of press intrusion into people’s lives as well as media ownership which controls too large a percentage of the market in the UK. 

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