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Superbowl XLVI – Will the Giants or Patriots come out on top?


They call it the greatest show on earth, the day America stops in it’s tracks. Superbowl 46 is here and this time it is being held in Indianapolis. Kelly Clarkson is scheduled to sing the American national anthem, Madonna provides the half-time entertainment and oh yeah, there’s a game of gridiron to be played with two superstar NFL quarterbacks, Tom Brady of the Patriots and Eli Manning of the Giants. In an astrological sense there are a couple of ways you can look at the game. Looking at the individual teams and focusing on the quarterbacks. I’m going to do both to try and pick a winner.

NewYorkGiants transits

The New York Giants were formed on 1st August 1925 by Tim Mara, a New York bookmaker after he paid 500$ for the team franchise. Through the season, the Giants overcame the odds to get to the final game, defeating both Green Bay and the San Fran 49ers in their own backyards on their way to Indianapolis. Looking at the transit chart above, transiting Jupiter has been square to their Nodal axis and trine to Venus (the chart ruler) and Mercury for most of the season, which has brought them fortune when they have most needed it. On a deeper level, Jupiter is sitting within one degree of the Sun/Node midpoint which could bring them public acclaim and success.

NewEnglandPatriots transits 

The New England Patriots were founded on 16th November 1959 as the final expansion team of that year. Boston businessman Billy Sullivan who was granted the franchise asked the people of Boston to choose a nickname and the Boston Patriots were born. Taking a look at the transits chart, we have Jupiter trine to Saturn and Pluto bringing a steady organised and determined quality to the team. Transiting Pluto square to Venus brings an intensity to the group and transiting Uranus is conjunct the South Node and square to Saturn. Aquarius rules the chart, so is this a potential for unexpected events that could cost them or benefit them – look out for special teams and trick plays? Looking at the Midpoint picture the Sun will be square to the Sun/Neptune midpoint which could be disorientating or inspirational. I take the latter view here, as Neptune in the natal chart is well aspected.

No matter how the teams play, the state of mind of the quarterbacks will be equally key. Eli and Tom are both highly talented and could make the vital difference to the ultimate success of their teams.


Eli Manning was born on 3rd Jan 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana (no birth time). On Superbowl day he has Pluto square to Jupiter and Saturn which is stressful but can be a platform for great achievement if you can deal with the pressure. Transiting Uranus and Venus is trine to natal Uranus, which will bring him a spark of inventiveness and an independent attitude no matter what is going on around him. Transiting Jupiter will be almost exactly square his natal Mars giving optimism and good energy. By the midpoints, Eli is has both good and not so good. The Sun will be square to Saturn/Neptune so he will have the feeling that he will be burdened by hard work as if he is carrying the team on his back. The Sun will also be square to Jupiter/Neptune which brings does follow the dream but could end up with disappointment. Through this aspect he will also have to be careful not to get too idealistic & complacent. Jupiter will be opposite the Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn/Uranus midpoints which is generally lucky and progressive.


Tom Brady was born on 3rd August 1977 in San Mateo, California at 11.48am. A proud Leo his chart on the day has a really highly energized look, which I don’t see as a good thing unless you can keep a particularly cool head. See all those aspects. Trying to pick out individual aspects from the morass of connections is tricky. Tom’s Jupiter Venus conjunction receives trines from steady Saturn and elusive Neptune so on top of things one minute and rather disorganised the next. Transiting Pluto will be square to both his natal Pluto and Moon which is very intense and highly charged and emotional. Pluto is also going to be trine to his Mercury in Virgo, so Tom will be thinking at a deep analytical level. Transiting Mars will be quindecile to the Moon which as well as being aggressive and decisive can also get frustrated and angry. Will this high emotional level get the better of him? We see transiting Jupiter and transiting Uranus quindecile to Tom’s Libran ascendant which brings luck and an impulsive attitude. Jupiter is sextile to his natal Jupiter, again lucky but possibly over confident? The nearest midpoints to exact on the day for Tom is transiting Uranus opposite Neptune/Midheaven which is very impatient and a bit self-righteous but also creative and Pluto opposite to Jupiter/Midheaven which shows the potential for extraordinary success and recognition.

If you are wondering, I am a British astrologer with absolutely no team allegiance in this game whatsoever. I have always supported the Miami Dolphins, and they haven’t looked as if they would get to the Superbowl in ages!!!!

I think this one could be a close game, and if you were to put me on the spot (here I go shooting myself firmly in the foot), I would just favour the Patriots to win a thriller (27-24) and Tom Brady, because of that Pluto opposite Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, in the process picking up his 4th Superbowl ring and emulating the great Joe Montana. Enjoy the game.

The two horoscopes of the two Quarterbacks – Eli Manning & Tom Brady

EliManning natalTomBrady natal

**** Update 6th Feb 2012 ****

So the Giants won a close one 21-17 and my prediction above was wrong. One thing I can say is that both quarterbacks and both teams played  a fantastic game, & as I suspected it would, it went right down to the wire. I must admit I was torn to who would win between the two, the astrology was not clearly better for one side or another and that’s why I called a close final score. How one can work out who will win when both teams were so evenly matched is very difficult for any astrologer to predict correctly. Especially tricky as it went down to a couple of crucial plays late in the game to who would come out on top. Well done the New York Giants, they are gonna have some ticker tape parade to celebrate…

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