Friday, 24 February 2012

San Francisco 1906 Earthquake – Is the San Andreas fault ready to shift again?

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If you live in California, the risk of earthquake damage is ever present as the San Andreas Fault runs right along the spine of the state. The most notorious of all the earthquakes in living memory was the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 which hit at around 7.9 on the Richter scale and claimed around 3000 lives. People have said that a repeat is now overdue. Looking at the astrology, in my opinion we are definitely now in the danger zone for a new rupture along the fault line.


The 1906 quake on 18th April 1906 hit at 05.12am and featured a nasty t-square including a Neptune Uranus opposition connecting with the Midheaven and square onto Mercury. We also had a Saturn Jupiter square in operation with Jupiter siting exactly at the midpoint of Mars and Pluto. Notice how Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn all fed into the Midheaven/Uranus conjunction at the top of the chart. Uranus on the above 1906 chart would have provided the shock factor to move the earth. Back in 1857, the previous big quake at 7.9 on the Richter scale ruptured a 200 mile fault between Monterey and San Bernardino & had transiting Saturn at 10 degrees Cancer, opposite where Pluto is now. In my opinion, this 8-10 degrees Capricorn/Cancer axis must be very sensitive to planetary pressure in the California region.

Now moving forward to the present time and we find transiting Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn approaching 9 Capricorn soon on 24th February. Pluto is the planet of destruction and will be stationed on this degree through until the end of May 2012. Now we have an approaching square from Uranus in Aries that will tighten to exactitude in mid June and will hit another sensitive point along the way at 7 Aries also in mid to late May, the point where Mercury was back in 1906 on the chart above.

EarthquakeSanFran1906 transits

There is one other piece of evidence to throw into the mix. Back on 1st July last year there was a solar eclipse. It occurred at 9:12 Cancer. Whenever a major outer planet either hits of opposes a former recent eclipse degree, something often happens. Pluto on 4th March gets to 9:12 Capricorn, opposing that eclipse point from last year. Pluto opposing an eclipse degree sends shudders through me, as we are dealing with indescribable force and power.

I have a hunch is that the big one in California that everyone has been fearing may not be far away now. Not because it is overdue, no just because the astrological evidence points to a revisiting of the critical degrees at play 7, 8, 9 & 10 degrees of cardinal signs, just where Uranus was during the last devastating earthquake hit in 1906.  I hope for once that I will be wrong.

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