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Sacha Baron Cohen – A law unto himself

Sacha Baron Cohen

Like most comedians, Sacha Baron Cohen polarizes opinions. Some love his irreverent comic style laced with more than a drop of irony and others just don’t get it. On the Oscar red carpet last night in a very pre-rehearsed publicity stunt, Cohen dressed at “The Dictator” a character from his upcoming film and tipped the ashes of “Kim Jong Il” all over E! Entertainment’s TV host Ryan Seacrest. The funniest thing about the whole incident were the burly security men dragging Baron Cohen away. The incident however had had it’s desired effect.

SachaBaronCohen natal

Sacha was born on 13th October 1971 in Hammersmith, London (no birth time known) and has a relatively simple chart. He is a Sun sign Libran and has quite predictably a proud and attention seeking Leo Moon. This chart is based around fire and air, 3 planets in fire sign and 6 in air (4 of them in Libra) so much of Sacha’s instincts will be around relating, communication, networking & promoting. There are no planets in earth and this may come out in a number of ways, he may be non materialistic (unlikely), somewhat impractical (possible), obsessive about neatness and detail (possible) but more often than not, this manifests itself in rejecting responsibility and not being grounded as a person, which can lead to a lot of insecurity. It is rare to see someone with a lack of earth signs without money and resources, indeed they seem to attract money (Bill Gates has no planets in earth) and often they can get very obsessed about their body or even sexuality. I have noticed in his films and TV career, especially in “Borat”, that Sacha was never afraid to bare himself to the camera in a lewd manner or use blatant sexual innuendos (Ali G/Bruno), probably as a result of the lack of earth in his chart.

This is not a complicated chart, just two wedge formations really to look at. We have one with a conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Uranus trine to Mars and more then likely sextile to the Leo Moon with those two planets in opposition. Sun Mercury and Uranus shows a natural outlandish sense of humour allied to a very quick brain. The Sun and Uranus together show the rebel inside, the outsider who takes on the establishment. To say that Sacha is an enigma I think is not over stating things. These planets are in Libra the sign of relating, and I can imagine him with the Uranus influence keeping his distance from those he does not know and trust and being friendly but cool. These planets trine to Mars in Aquarius and this is a highly erratic yet creative link. Mars in Aquarius shows he is a team player and this tends to make me think that he does have a circle of friends with whom he works incredibly closely. Mars in Aquarius is very unconventional and like to shock and surprise, this is a major theme with everything that I have seen him do.

The other link to the triple conjunction is from the Moon in Leo. Here is his motivation to be a star, to hog the headlines. Sacha has a drive within him to be well known, he needs to be adored and loved for what he does. It is so simple to see if you look at the combination of Sun and Moon, the Leo Moon needs to be well known and popular and so to achieve this the Libra Sun will try to make as big a social impact at it can through the shock tactics I mentioned earlier. If shock tactics are not suitable for the situation, Sacha has a second way he uses these social skills. Mercury is in wide conjunction with Venus in Scorpio. These two planets in combination are very creative and are particularly good at fostering one to one relationships. Sasha will uses a charm offensive, his tact and his sense of humour to get him the contacts he needs. This I think is the cure for the likely insecurity that I hinted hiding in his chart.

Venus in Scorpio is very emotional, possessive and jealous but also very steadfast and loyal. Often people with this position have an aura of mystery that surrounds them. That seems very much the case with Sacha. Mars opposing the Moon shows someone who can be impatient, temperamental and irritable if he is not engaged in some type of activity. Sacha will definitely need to be occupied, otherwise he could be rather difficult to deal with.

The second wedge on the chart is consisted of the outer planets, Saturn in Gemini opposes a Jupiter Neptune conjunction and this forms a wedge formation with Pluto in Libra. Saturn in Gemini shows someone who does doubt their own intelligence, so they read and work to gain the knowledge they require. Very rarely will you ever find an unintelligent and uniformed person with Saturn in Gemini, Saturn will just not allow it. This is someone who is rather serious and will not stand flippant and superficial conversation, he will be much more interested in heavier more weighty topics. Saturn opposes onto the Jupiter/Neptune combination in Sagittarius. Here is an imagination and desires on a wide scale, there are no boundaries that will limit Jupiter and Neptune and the opposition to Saturn shows that his ambition is limitless. Of course this opposition also shows his link to international TV and film; Neptune (ruler of the media) given wide international opportunities (Jupiter) through his hard work and ambitions (Saturn). Sacha is a shrewd operator too, able to plan, to work diligently and able to make those dreams into a solid form. Sasha from his initial foray into TV would have been looking to achieve on a wider and larger scale.

With easy connections to Pluto, luck would have helped him when he needed it, and this Pluto also bring a dark underground subversive side to what he does. Saturn trine to Pluto is very wholehearted and in his work he will throw his whole energy into making sure that he gets things right. Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius shows that faith is important to him, the influence hardened by the opposition to Saturn and sextile to Pluto shows he takes his Jewish faith very seriously. Neptune and Jupiter opposition to Saturn also bring dreams of achievement in higher education and he got to the top in the UK attending Cambridge University where he read History rather indicating to me that he probably was born in the afternoon or evening as a sextile from Moon to Mercury, only operative then, would bestow a love and interest in the past.

Sacha has certainly achieved the worldwide fame and notoriety that his planets suggests he needed, and love him or hate him you certainly can’t ignore him. He returns to your screens in “The Dictator” due to be released sometime in May this year, featuring a character he based around Saddam Hussein & General Gaddafi!! Sounds like he is going to divide opinions once again…

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