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Prince Johan Friso – Dutch Prince fights for his life after avalanche.

Prince Johan Friso

A nasty accident in the Austrian Alps in the past few days. Dutch Prince Johan Friso, second Son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was caught in a sudden avalanche in the ski resort of Lech. He was rescued after being covered by snow for around 15-20 minutes and now is fighting for his life in hospital.

PrinceJohanFriso transits

The accident occurred at around midday on 17th February, a bad time for the 43 year old prince. Notice that transiting Uranus was opposite to his natal Sun Uranus conjunction as well as being trine to his Leo Midheaven. Transiting Pluto was square to the Nodal Axis which was also receiving a close conjunction from Venus the chart ruler. Of course the avalanche was a happening that he could not predict, which is where Pluto’s square to the Nodal Axis comes in. Aspects involving the Nodes often bring events to pass over which one has no control. With an avalanche you do not have any control, unless of course you venture into an area which was known to be dangerous at the time. To add to this picture, Neptune through Pisces rules the Prince’s 5th house of sports and leisure and was trine to his ascendant and inconjunct to the Prince’s Sun Uranus conjunction which is nasty and could well have clouded his judgement on where to ski on the day. Add to this Mercury the ruler of the 9th house thorough Gemini inconjunct to his Midheaven; the accident took place while he was on holiday and propelled him into the headlines.

Finally, we have transiting Saturn that was just into the Prince’s first house and conjunct natal Venus (the chart ruler) ruling his physical state and Mercury, again highlighting of international angel of this tragedy. Saturn on his natal chart is at the point of a natal Yod, completed by a sextile between Pluto and Neptune. This Saturn was charged from his birth as being significant, and proving a turning point in his life. That Saturn was conjunct his ascendant and chart ruler does explain a reason of why this tragic event happened now as well as heralding a new period in the Prince’s life.

One hopes he will recover, and will make a full recovery.

**** Update 24th February 2012 ****

News reports out of Austria say that the Prince is in a coma after suffering huge brain damage and may never regain consciousness. Initially today I looked at the chart and I couldn’t find any link to why the Prince had suffered brain damage. Then I decided to look at Chiron, the Wounded Healer and add it into the picture. Suddenly everything became clearer.

PrinceJohanFriso natal

Look at Chrion right at the end of Pisces and at the cusp of Aries. It is on the Aries Point, a sensitive place on the chart that you may be seen in the public eye. Unfortunately for the Prince, this notoriety came as a result of the accident he suffered. It makes a multitude of aspects to many of the planets on the chart including crucially a triple opposition to Sun, Uranus and Pluto. Here was a huge problem, potential wounds sitting on the chart waiting to be activated. With Chiron affecting most of the planets on the chart, the effect of a nasty transit to this position could be devastating to his very being.

PrinceJohanFriso transits 2

Moving forward to the accident date transiting Saturn conjunct to the Prince’s Mercury, the planet ruling the mind and the brain was making an inconjunct aspect to Chiron and transiting Chiron and Mercury were inconjunct to the Prince’s Midheaven. With the accident and the deprivation of oxygen in being covered by snow, the Prince’s brain may have been irreparably damaged. Inconjunct aspects can be really nasty and often cause pain or loss. There is one more which I will highlight, one I missed first time around. Transiting Uranus conjunct to natal Chiron was inconjunct to the Prince’s Mercury which as you know was under pressure from Saturn. You can see through this aspect the accident (Uranus) causing great suffering and wounding (Chrion) having a debilitating (Saturn) effect on the Prince’s body (1st house) as well as on his brain (Mercury). With Saturn starting a new cycle in being conjunct to his ascendant, this may well have signalled the end of his active life and the start of a difficult period of recovery, if he does.  All in all, a sad incident and now he will require all the best medical help available.

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