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Jennifer Aniston – Happier now than for many years.

jennifer aniston

In looking for people to write about on this blog, I do read a lot of celebrity articles and quotes simply because I like to mix things up a bit. A bit of politics here, some breaking stories and some interesting character profiles. One quote from Jennifer Aniston after the completion of her new film “Wanderlust” caught my attention. She said going into the Georgia countryside far away from city life to shoot the film had enriched her and had given her some peace and happiness. I immediately put up her chart on my pc and I could see why. Today I look at one of Hollywood’s “A” list celebrities and explore new priorities for the former “Friends” actress.

JenniferAniston natal

Jennifer was born on Feb 11th 1969 at 22.22hrs in Los Angeles California. She is a Sun sign Aquarian with a Sagittarian Moon and a sociable Libran Ascendant. This quite a nicely balanced chart, although all the personal planets are placed in fire and air signs. The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Sagittarius gives her a real independence and a cute, clever and innovative way of dealing with people. She will have international ideas and plans, integrity of thought and idealism in romance and love. Being an Aquarian and having a Libran Ascendant, she is intrinsically linked into and will fully understand the social and technological requirements of being a success in this day and age, and of course her claim to fame is still the fantastically successful run on “Friends” which can be beautifully described by a combination of friendly humanitarian Aquarius combined with relationship orientated Libra. Her natural birth signs fit perfectly with the ethos of the programme, indeed she was born to play Rachel Green.

Having a Libran ascendant the Aquarian Sun and a party loving outgoing Sagittarian Moon, Jennifer you would think would be quite gregarious, but I think she is quite the opposite. Why? Because of Saturn. Saturn sits in an awkward position on her chart opposing her ascendant, square to her Midheaven, sextile to her Sun and trine to her Moon forming a mini grand trine. As I well know (I myself like Jennifer have Saturn in Aries opposite my Libran ascendant), one’s outgoing personality and drive is very much blocked by the Saturn’s energy. Saturn makes the Libran Ascendant fear opening up to the world, it brings shyness and insularity, something I have always suffered from personally. Jennifer will fear being in the spotlight as much as I do. Saturn makes easy aspects to the Sun and Moon bringing with it a sense of duty and responsibility onto one’s shoulders. It is like you are carrying everyone around with you, and you have to look after them. Now I am not saying that she won’t enjoy the celebrity and party lifestyle that fame brings but she will feel rather a little uncomfortable in that arena. For all the promise and outgoing ideas that the personal planets should give, the energy that they exude onto this chart is severely tempered. As such, Jennifer despite having reached a level of worldwide popularity will tend to shun the limelight, unless she if forced by her work to face up to it.

Her Aquarian Sun sits in the 4th house of home, a very insular position and independent of nature. Here is yet another indication that Jennifer will much prefer to keep her private life strictly private. The Aquarian Sun is friendly but cool and if she will have an air of the untouchable about her, as if anyone she is not completely happy with should keep their distance. Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius in the 4th house, so when at home she will enjoy nothing better than snuggling up on a sofa and enjoying a good book. Her Mercury brings her a very introspective but bright and clever mind, a wicked sense of humour, an interest in keeping up with what is going on in the world, and a sympathy to helping people in need in a humanitarian way. More of these charitable interests later.

We find three planets in the second house of self worth, money and personal possessions, Mars, Neptune and the Moon. All of these planets sit at the point of two more mini grand trines on this chart (there are several). Mars and Neptune are connected by sextiles to the 12th house Uranus/Jupiter conjunction as well as to Mercury and the Moon finds itself making sextile aspects to a Sun/Ascendant trine. The Moon in the second house shows that Jennifer will work in a social sense with and for the public, she will she her acting as providing entertainment for the audience. Jennifer may be a quite shy and private individual, but she knows that in her work she has to to be out in front of the cameras, serving the public that loves her. This Moon brings with it a love of possessions and holding onto them. Often you find antique collectors with 2nd house Moons as it bring a love of historical artefacts as well as money, you collect all sorts of personal effects throughout your life and are loathed to ever give them away. Her house may be littered with paintings, old sentimental gifts and mementoes.

Jennifer also has Mars and Neptune in this house which brings a real energy to money making, she will work and work to acquire more and more, yet when it does come to spending Neptune brings a rather frivolous attitude to finance. It is like the money you earn is spent just as easily, rather like picking up a handful of sand and watching most of it slip through your fingers. Neptune and Mars in Scorpio bring power and a big business attitude to a very creative position for Neptune to be in. Together these two planets bring charisma and star quality as well as an insatiable need to keep working in TV and film. No wonder she is one of the highest grossing stars in the world. Neptune, as I have mentioned before in other articles, in the 2nd house is very often found in people in creative pursuits, like music art and film. Sextiles to Pluto and Mercury show a need to communicate one’s artistic talent and to be famous or well known for it, and the sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus show that Jennifer uses her fame and money making acumen to help those less fortunate than herself. Charity and charitable causes will form a real and important part of her life, especially charitable causes for wildlife and harm to animals.

Venus and Saturn sit in the 6th house of everyday work, health and here is also the house where a love of wildlife and animals can be found. Venus sitting in this house shows a real acute love of all living things. Venus is in Aries and makes a double opposition to Jupiter and Uranus in the 12th house of service and suffering. Jennifer is active in helping oppose cruelty to animals and wildlife in general. This 6th house Venus also makes two quindeciles to the ascendant and Pluto. Often you find people who work in the beauty industry with a 6th house Venus and the quindeciles here to the ascendant and Pluto contribute I think her star looks (Ascendant) as well as bringing her power and influence (Pluto) within organisations (11th house). Saturn in the 6th house is very detail orientated and very hard working. She will be a stickler for getting things just so and will be hard on co-workers around her, Saturn in the 6th does not stand for any nonsense or slacking.

The North Node sits quietly also in the 6th house near to Venus and it indicates to me that Jennifer when all said and done will want to serve people and maybe get more and more involved in her nature and wildlife interests. The Nodal axis sits square to the 2nd house Moon, so using her personal resources to help humanity and the public will prove to be emotionally satisfying for her.

JenniferAniston transits

This get back to nature, to peace and to solace is indicated if we look at the transits for Jennifer. In the past couple of months, transiting Saturn has crossed over her Libran ascendant into her 1st house. This brings with it a brand new 28 year cycle and when Saturn enters the first house one often steps back out of the spotlight for a while. It is almost as if you are taking stock of the new things in your life and discarding the old worn out parts which are no longer of any use. As we know, Jennifer late on last year found new love with Justin Theroux (with whom astrologically she is rather suited – see below) and the quote on the film set that being in the countryside miles away from the bright lights really reflected the get away from it all Saturn in the first. Jennifer is in the middle of reinventing her life.

She still has a few tests to come, as transiting Pluto is now square to Venus which not only brings an intensity to her relationships but can destroy them too. This will be an interesting time to see if this new liaison with Justin can stand the scrutiny of the long lenses of the paparazzi and world media. In a creative sense, Jennifer will be feeling really good as transiting Neptune squares it’s own position now moving into her 5th house. It may well be that she will start to find a new maturity in her film roles, moving slightly away from the lightweight romantic comedy that she is known for, into more challenging and emotional parts.

JenniferAniston justin synansty

As a quick side note, her synastry with Justin is particularly good as he is a Sun sign Leo (born 10th Aug 71 in Washington DC – no birth time) in the opposite sign to her Sun with an Aries Moon that conjuncts with her natal Venus. Their Suns in opposite signs should attract, however both are in fixed signs so if disagreements appear, they will initially at least tend to dig their heels in a bit. Her Venus also makes a lovely trine to his Sun Venus conjunction in Leo and his Jupiter sits on her Mars Neptune conjunction which is wonderfully optimistic.  Justin’s Jupiter lies sextile to her Mercury which brings lively and open communication. There are a couple of down sides as I see it on the synastry chart. Justin’s Mercury in Virgo and her Mercury in Aquarius which could clash a little, as Mercury in Aquarius is very fixed and will not appreciate the critical Virgo Mercury. Also, his Saturn sits in her 8th house of sex and intimacy which could act as a frustrating barrier to free emotional love. If they do start to disagree, it is here that Justin will lay down the law and their relationship may suffer as a result, however the rest of the chart and synastry between them shows a lot of trines and sextiles and all the main personal planets are in either fire and air signs which is enthusiastic and fun, wonderfully relaxing and easy going; just what she and they need I suspect. They should, so long as they can keep the media at bay and they can conquer the potential communicative problems I hinted at earlier, enjoy each other’s company rather well. Time however will tell.

Jennifer in starting a new Saturn cycle should be scaling down her film commitments a bit in the next year. Often famous people with Saturn transiting in the first couple of houses go out of the spotlight for a while before they again emerge in a new way. This is likely to happen to Jennifer, although with a new relationship to concentrate on, this may be no bad thing. I hope she takes the hint that this film opportunity has given her, and she finds some peace happiness and love away from the bright lights of Los Angeles and New York; it will in the long run do her an immense power of good.

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