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Stephen Lawrence – Justice at last.


The case of Stephen Lawrence who was tragically murdered on a London street by a gang of youths in a seemingly unprovoked racial attack shocked the whole of the UK. For years, the murder remained unsolved until new scientific techniques finally found enough new evidence to convict  two men, Gary Dobson and David Norris, for his murder. The astrology is fascinating and explains why it was only now that the men were caught.

StephenLawrence natal

Stephen was born on  13th September 1974 in Greenwich, London at 21.30hrs. He was a Sun sign Virgo with a sunny Leo Moon and a steady Taurean Ascendant. With Sun and Venus in Virgo in the 5th house, this was a lad with much creative talent who would have enjoyed life to the full and would have loved being centre of attention. With a 4th house moon , he would have treasured his past and his heritage and he would have had a strong bond with his mother. This was a lad who would have had a serious side to him with Saturn in the 3rd house and he would have been a very hard (Mars/Pluto in 6th) if a little undisciplined (Uranus in 6th) at work. He had much to offer and the world at his feet.

His chart was very notable for having a anchor planet – Jupiter connecting with all the others on the chart and also being square to the Nodal Axis which was widely conjunct to Neptune. If there is any planet on the chart that indicates internationalism, heritage and is indicative of race, then it is Jupiter. This Jupiter connecting to all parts of his chart and square to his axis of destiny, was to prove very important on the day he was murdered and the day his murderers were convicted. The fact that Neptune was also square to Jupiter, connected to the Nodes as well as being opposite to his ascendant hid the identity of the killers. The actual act was also there too. Mars conjunct Pluto a potentially violent aspect sat in his 6th house of health, with Mars being part of a grand trine with his Midheaven and Ascendant.

StephenLawrence 93

To the murder day. Stephen was in Eltham, South East London on 22nd April 1993 when a gang of youths attacked him at 22.30 hrs. Above are the transits of the day. Transiting Mars was opposite Stephen’s Midheaven and square to natal Uranus. At this time, he was an accident prone or in danger of suffering some sort of harm. Aquarius ruled by Uranus was ruling the 11th house of groups & Mars’ sign Aries ruled his 12th house of suffering and sacrifice and hidden enemies. Uranus/Neptune was trine to his natal Sun. In this case a surprise event (Uranus) made by a mob or group (Neptune) on his person. This Neptune kept a veil of secrecy over his attackers for years to come. Most significant of the transits I think was his Nodal return square to Jupiter. Nodal returns (North Node connected to North Node) can bring happenings out of the blue that we have to adjust to, and Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign ruled his 8th house, the house of death. The planets suggest that he was killed because of how he looked. On studying the midpoints, transiting Pluto was square his Mars/Saturn midpoint so there was a great danger of death on that day. The Pluto was also conjunct the Sun/Midheaven midpoint bringing his death into the public sphere. Transiting Saturn was square to Mars/Midheaven midpoint so he was a potential target of an attack in public.

On the progressions chart, the progressed Moon was 0.07 degrees from an exact square to Stephen’s Pluto/Mars conjunction and on the Solar Arcs chart,  there was just one aspect but a very a significant one. Solar Arc Ascendant was 0.02 degrees from square to his natal Pluto. This heralded a massive change in his life, one which saw him stabbed to death shocking a nation. You can see the astrological planets stacked up against poor Stephen on that day. Mars conjunct to Pluto in a chart does not mean you will suffer such a tragic death as Stephen, however if the other planets gang up on it, then it can be a pointer. Meredith Kercher who I looked at alongside my analysis of Amanda Knox also had the same aspect.

StephenLawrence 2012

I focus on that Nodal axis to Jupiter and it’s natal connection to Neptune. It is interesting that both Neptune and Jupiter were in mutual reception. They worked together (as planets in mutual reception do with great effect) this time to hide the truth.  The events of that awful night were shrouded in mystery until the last month, when the Nodal Axis on Stephen’s chart had progressed around a full circuit of the wheel for a second time to square Jupiter hitting all areas of the chart, and now finally, the secret hidden by Neptune all this time was finally revealed. This time the energy of the nodes brought about a quality also ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius – Justice. 

I have great faith in looking at the cycles of the planets, and sometimes a repeat of a cycle can come out with completely different set of final circumstances. How and why it took a complete cycle of the Nodes (fully 18 years) to find the answer to the Stephen Lawrence case still escapes my understanding. I just know that I have seen this type effect before looking at astrology, and will surely again. What I do know is that the Nodal axis was the only consistent link between the day of the murder and day of conviction, and it does confirm my belief that the Nodal axis is a really powerful tool that many astrologers miss, and should take note of.

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