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Jamaica – Ready to go it alone as a Republic

portia simpson miller

This is Portia Simpson Miller, the brand new Prime Minister of Jamaica. She has raised eyebrows by openly committing Jamaica to become a republic and pulling away from having Queen Elizabeth as head of state in the year of the Monarch’s diamond jubilee and just before an official visit by Prince Harry. Looking at the placements of the planets, one can see exactly why there is a call for change in the Caribbean nation.

Jamaica natal

Jamaica was founded as a nation almost 50 years ago, on 6th August 1962 at 09.38am. We have the Sun in royal Leo and Moon and ascendant in sociable, but rather laid back Libra. It is interesting that the Midheaven is in Cancer, showing the link between the country and women leaders. The Sun sits in the democratic 11th house, square to Neptune in the 2nd house and opposite Saturn in the 5th. Jamaica makes money (2nd house) through leisure pursuits (5th) and it’s link to leisure, music and creativity (Neptune/5th), although Neptune in the 2nd does lend itself to a rather haphazard attitude to it’s economy, especially being trine to Jupiter which is prone to spending money recklessly. Saturn makes a quindecile to Mercury in Leo. This aspect can go two ways, with control of the media always a distinct possibility, but here is shows a desire for quality writing especially in music and creative arts, with the accent on an independent voice Saturn in is Aquarius shining through. Much of Jamaica’s music has that independent rebellious vibe with an anti-establishment voice.

Pluto in the 12th does lend itself to a rather hidden violent undercurrent, where corruption, extortion, the black market and dubious other practices live and thrive in the shadows of society. That Pluto extends itself to people at the top as part of a natal kite formation. We find a Pluto Jupiter opposition, connected to the dodgy Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd house of finance trine to the Midheaven. Pluto Jupiter shows that real success is possible for Jamaica, if that nasty side were to be controlled.

Mars in the  9th house is trine to the Moon. I wonder if this is why for such a relatively small island nation, Jamaica produces such an amazing array of world sports stars, especially in athletics? From Don Quarrie to Merlene Ottey, from Asafa Powell to Usain Bolt the list is seemingly endless, top Jamaican athletes making their mark on the world.

Jamaica PSM

There is a really interesting correlation between Portia Simpson Miller and the Jamaican Chart. Portia is a Sun sign Sagittarian born on 12th December 1945. On her chart in relation to the Jamaican chart her Saturn sits directly conjunct to Jamaica’s Sun/Moon midpoint. This lady was meant to rule this country. Secondly, you can see directly above that her Pluto, the planet of transformation sits exactly midway, at the midpoint between Jamaica’s Sun and Jamaica’s North Node, the country’s destiny. Not only was she destined to rule with her Saturn square the Jamaican Moon from the 10th house of government and ambition, showing her authority over the people, but she is the one who will transform the country. Her dream (Neptune conjunct the Jamaican ascendant square the Midheaven) is to see Jamaica rule itself. There are so many crossovers on her chart to the Jamaican one. Her Mercury/Venus conjunction exactly squares the dominant  the Pluto/Jupiter opposition, her vision and social ideals (Mercury/Venus) brings the change (Pluto) and brings freedom (Jupiter) for self determination.

Jamaica transits

As for timing, looking at the transit chart for Jamaica, the change will come soon as she predicts. Transiting Pluto is directly opposite the Jamaican Midheaven and square the Ascendant, initiating the change. At the same time, the transiting Nodes (always active at a time of major events) are beginning to square the Jupiter/Pluto opposition. I feel that independence from British rule will come as Uranus hits 7 degrees Aries in May/June this year, opposing the Ascendant and squaring the Midheaven, the same time as transiting Saturn comes within 2 degrees of the Jamaican Moon and sextile to Mercury, allowing the people (Moon) to make the final administrative (Saturn) decision in a referendum (Mercury).

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