Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Iran lays down the law to America in the Gulf of Hormuz


There is serious sabre rattling in the Gulf right now, and tensions are rising as Iran tested 3 medium range missiles after a week of “military” manoeuvres and then told the US 5th fleet not to return to it’s base in Bahrain, lest Iran may act in retaliation. As if the Iranians are going to engage the Americans when they do go back (they wouldn’t dare), however with Iran flexing it’s muscles and getting potentially closer to building a nuclear device of their own, this is brinkmanship that the region could do without.

Iran natal

Iran’s chart is based around the Islamic revolution after the Shah of Iran fled into exile in 1979. This is a very religious chart with both the faith signs, Pisces and Sagittarius on Ascendant and Midheaven respectively. The Sun is in cool, distant Aquarius and the Moon in aggressive Aries. This is quite a disruptive combination, unpredictable and liable to act upon impulse. The aggressive tone is heightened by Sun being conjunct both Mars and Mercury, and is aimed internationally and given a “high and mighty tone” through the opposition to Jupiter in regal Leo.

Now with the Moon as part of a wedge to this opposition in the first house, one would expect the people (expressed by the Moon) to be similarly vocal however in Iran, they are kept very much in check by the religious leadership. How and why? Note that Neptune conjunct the Midheaven in the 9th house of beliefs conjunct to Venus and square to the Pisces Ascendant. Religion is the bedrock of this leadership and women are kept behind the scenes, in essence behind the all encompassing veil of Neptune. So women held back by religious rules (9th house is the house of law) and the rest of the population are dominated by a very precise and authoritarian peregrine Saturn, inconjunct to the Sun. This is truly nasty. The rule of those in charge is absolute, and it’s influence extends into every nook and cranny of the country. Here is the detailed approach of Virgo taken to ultimate extreme. Nothing will escape it’s gaze and influence. The people are under the religious thumb of the Ayatollah. It is a real shame that Iran’s chart is as it is, for without that all pervading Saturn, I feel Iran and it’s people could be a vibrant open force for good, who could lead the region with that positive Aries nature.

Pluto in the 7th house of relations with other nations shows the arrogant, controlling nature that Iran speaks with. Their approach is secretive, suspicious, compulsive and possibly paranoid. Finally, a peregrine Uranus in the 8th house bring more unpredictability. Iran guards it’s independence and status, and is the wild card in the Gulf.

Now, transiting Mars is conjunct Iran’s North Node, so she will posturing her strength in a rather open manner (Aries is intercepted in Iran’s first house). The transiting Nodes are also square to Iran’s Saturn, so the criticism and authority coming out of Tehran is real, and not to be taken lightly. Iran will see itself in the right. Transiting Uranus is trine to Jupiter and transiting Jupiter is square it’s own position. As a result, Iran’s leaders will feel their luck is in, and they can afford to chance their arm. All in all in the light of these transits, you can see why Iran is feeling justified in telling the US to take heed to their word. Only thing is I don’t think that the US is going to back down for one minute.

USAIran transits

The composite chart between the two is receiving a set of tricky transits. We have transiting Mars opposite the composite Moon so emotions on a high – arguments are likely.  Transiting Saturn is opposing the composite Sun, effectively we have a bit of a standoff here. Now this is significant as this is not the first hit of this particular influence as Saturn will return to this position opposing the composite Sun at 27 Aries at the end of March as Saturn is in retrograde motion, and in mid September 2012 as Saturn makes a final pass. Put these dates in your diary, as things could really kick off between the US and Iran around these times. We also have transiting Uranus opposing the composite Saturn/Venus conjunction bringing expected events and transiting Neptune conjunct the composite South Node opposite to Uranus in the 7th house shows that the freedom (Uranus) of the transport of oil (Neptune) is a real sticking point in this disagreement.

With a Saturn/Venus conjunction in their composite chart, these two would always have a very cold and harsh relationship anyway, but it looks as these tensions are rising to the surface and difficult times lie ahead. I get the feeling that 2012 will be the year that the US might just have to teach Iran a few hard lessons. A new conflict in the Gulf just before a Presidential election, boosting an ailing President? I may be cynical, but I can see it happening…

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