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Tim Tebow – God’s quarterback. A look at the American football player who is capturing all of the headlines.

Tim Tebow
It is rare that a young player in the NFL captures the headlines to the extent that Tim Tebow has in his first full season in the American National Football League (technically this is his 2nd season as he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010 but used sparingly). The NFL is a school of hard knocks and reputations are won almost exclusively on merit and harder to keep. However Broncos quarterback Tebow has done that and more in 2011. Not only has propelled his team to the edge of the playoffs but his brinkmanship and ability to grab victory from the jaws of defeat in the final minutes of games has captured the attention of America. Tim’s story is also remarkable because he was lucky to be born at all, and his open show of his personal faith has divided opinion, more so than probably any other sportsman in the public eye at the moment.

Tim was born in Makati City in the Philippines on 14th August 1987. Unfortunately I have no birth-time for him and if anyone reading this article does know it, I would be delighted to receive the information. The story of his birth does reflect this ability to overcome all odds that he has shown on the field of play. Before she knew she was carrying a baby, Tim’s mother Pamela became ill after drinking contaminated water, and went into a coma. The resulting drugs she was administered could have severely damaged the baby, and after she recovered doctors advised her to abort as they feared the consequences. Later during pregnancy, Tim’s mother was told that her placenta had detached itself from the uterine wall, otherwise known as placental abruption. This could severely affect the foetus insider her as it would be deprived of oxygen and the nutrients it needed to develop. Despite the considerable risks, Pamela went through with the birth, and a baby boy was born.
TimTebow natal
By any stretch of the imagination, it is remarkable that Tim arrived onto the earth in the first place and his chart shows some incredible fighting spirit. He is a Sun sign Leo with his Moon more than likely in athletic Aries. If he was born after 21.35 then he would have a Taurean Moon, however my guess is that is Moon is in Aries. Those with Taurean Moons are calm and collected, and are rarely prone to making emotional displays. As he is known for the visual displays of emotion especially in relation to his faith, my feeling and instinct is that his birth time was before 21.35.
The amazing thing about this chart is firstly that at least 7 and more probably 8 of the 10 planets are in fire signs. Such an imbalance in the elements of the chart is very rare, and leads to some really interesting characteristics in the personality. Obviously with so much fire, Tim will be a hugely positive person. There is a raging inferno inside him and anything he sets his mind to he will strive to do to the utmost. The combination of Leo Sun and an Aries Moon is absolutely the sign of a top sportsman. With this combination, will to win is second to none, and the Leo desire to be king pushes him to the top. The Sun is joined by Mars Venus and Mercury in Leo. Here is a man in a hurry, someone who will wait for no-one. In this combination there is huge pride and passion for all that he does, no little artistry and grace and the influence of Mercury in the sign of the king means he will be outspoken and rather high and mighty in the way he communicates. There is so much self-belief about this quartet of planets. This stellium is part of a grand fire trine. The other corners show a conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in Aries and Uranus which is widely conjunct to Saturn in faith based Sagittarius, although Saturn is not fully integrated into the grand trine. Quite frankly, this is one of the most positive charts I have seen in a fair while. The Moon and Jupiter is a very forgiving combination, willing to those who make mistakes a second chance, especially friends. Jupiter through the grand trine fortifies the conjunction of Mercury Sun and Venus bringing great optimism and the very strong identification with an ideal. Now this idealism is one of the main features of Tim’s chart. This ideal can take many forms. In his given sport, the ideal can be the Superbowl ring that he is chasing this season. The ideal can be to work and work to get himself into top shape physically. The ideal can be faith based too. Looking to the third corner of the fire trine, we see the influence of belief in his life. Saturn in Sagittarius takes his studies and his faith incredibly seriously, and the influence of Uranus shows an progressive attitude. Here is someone who wants to push back the boundaries, to challenge the establishment view of Christianity. In faith, his ideal is his adherence to God and to be the best he can be, and at the same time breathing new life into the Church itself. Uranus trine to the four Leo planets and the Jupiter Moon conjunction brings a spark of genius to his creative and athletic ability, and a propensity to be a risk taker and to be lucky when he does chance his arm. Tim is willing to risk everything in the chase for success.
Now I want to examine a couple more thing on this chart. Firstly, as I mentioned earlier on with all this fire comes a lack of the other elements on the chart.  No signs in air and just one each in earth and water. How will he handle this imbalance? A lack of water shows that Tim is not an emotional being. Just as low emotional levels can reduce the likelihood of deep and meaningful friendships and relationships, one can get over disappointments far quicker because the do not play on the mind. Maybe this is why Tim has lead the Broncos back from the dead so many times. Just because failure does not affect him, and that positivity to win always comes shining through. This deficiency in water does also sometimes encourage one to find and seek out the emotion and spiritual feelings you require as part of a greater movement, to join with other like minded people in following a cause. In his case, his belief structure is filling this hole in his personality. Tim has been synonymous in kneeling down in prayer during games, a practice which has been nicknamed “Tebowing”.
A lack of earth brings with it a lack of practicality. Coping with the mundane and routine side of life may be difficult for him. People with an earth absence can get overly critical and perfectionist when others cannot reach the standards they want and they tend to over plan and over organise, getting bogged down in the details when something is not going quite right. They tend not to be materialistic, and making money and building up possessions will be of little importance to them.
The complete absence of Air shows that simple learning does not hold interest for Tim unless there is a creative or tangible result of what he is studying. He will lack planning skills planner, and  will tends to waste a lot of energy in trying to sort out how he is going to do something. Much better for him is to react to the situation and let his natural ability take over. In those crucial moments in games, when he is being pursued by huge opposition players, here is when he shines .One fault he may have will be to try to please everyone, to over ally himself with people or friends. This overarching attempt to make an impression makes him in general scheme of things stand out from the crowd.
Put all this together and you can see how during a game he can get over technical, over perfectionist and in a hole, yet he has the skill, the fire and the passion to take the risks to bounce back just when his team is down. This man scrambles his way through life, backed up by his faith in his own ability, his spiritual beliefs and the fire in his belly to be better than the rest. It is an oh so powerful cocktail that the American public has latched onto.
Saturn is retrograde on this chart, so we know that Tim’s relationship with his father was lacking in love. Because he (and his wife) were Christian missionaries, it is likely that Tim did not see much of his father as he was growing up. The grand fire trine provides a store of energy, a barrier if you will against the more difficult aspects of life, but you can get rather caught up in the trine and never exploit the talents that lie within unless there is an outlet from it. Here we do have an outlet though Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto in Scorpio. Jupiter opposite Pluto promises great things and financial success, and gives one a global vision to change perceptions. Pluto in Scorpio also is a very physical aspect and in the rough tough world of American Football he has found a channel for all that stored up fire. This opposition forms a wedge formation with Neptune the planet of spirituality, and I very much suspect that one his football career ends, Tim will go one of two way, or maybe both. Firstly into TV and creative pursuits, broadcasting of some sort. Secondly, in following his parents footsteps in spreading the word of the gospel on a wider global stage. There is one more hint that this second option may be Tim’s destiny. Hidden away on the chart, Neptune lies square to the nodal axis. This is the maternal axis, and it is really interesting to note that Tim’s beliefs came in the main from his mother’s teaching. She taught him at home rather than sending him to a state school, and imprinted her spiritual (Neptune) ideas on him. You can see the connection. Neptune sits in Capricorn so his Christian faith is something he takes very seriously. Tim will use religion as a driving force in his professional life and personal life. There are two edges to this sword. On the positive, he will gain great satisfaction and strength from his belief in God, however the South Node connection will always attract detractors and those he is jumping on the band wagon to gain notoriety.
Tebow USSiblyChart
As a final note I looked at his natal chart against that of the US chart. Tim’s Uranus opposes the US Mars and and squares to the US Neptune. Here is the intrinsic link between sport (Mars) and spirituality (Neptune), and the fact that it is Uranus connecting here brings a controversial and electric quality. Safe to say he captures the nation’s attention. Tim’s Mars opposes the US Moon, so the public will be aware and appreciative of his athletic and sporting ability, and the US Jupiter and Venus oppose his Neptune and square his Nodal axis. His beliefs and abilities will bring him fame and fortune. Right now he flavour of the month and long term is the real deal alright, have no doubt about it.  With him now experiencing a Jupiter return which brings luck and fortune and lights up his grand fire trine, he should get the Broncos into the playoffs. From then on as transiting Jupiter in mid January starts to move out of range of his natal position, he’s going to have to rely on his talent to get his team much further this season. A bright future however awaits him on the national stage in future years too.
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