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Riots in the UK – The Uranus Pluto square part 2. The crackdown has started.


All astrological aspects tend to have more than one meaning. Whereas one set of people will use an aspect in one way, somebody else will use it another way. Being an Astrologer, in prediction it is often very hard to pin down the correct outcome of what will happen because of double meanings. Sometimes you get an effect and then a reaction to that effect.


As the riots hit their peak in the UK I reported about the Uranus Pluto square which was being turned into a t-square by a connection to Mars. Yesterday, the reaction came. Two internet users who incited rioting from their computers via Facebook were convicted to 4 years in prison!! They didn’t loot a shop, they didn’t burn down any buildings, they just set up a Facebook page and suggested their friends meet up and have a riot. Certainly I cannot condone such an action, encouraging people to commit crime is an offence, but 4 years?? Smacks of a complete over-reaction to the situation, doesn’t it?

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The crackdown comes as a result of the “other” side of the Uranus Pluto square. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Uranus is shocking violent acts and Pluto can mean mass destruction. There is another side to these planets in connection. Uranus is a social planet associated with technology and Pluto can also mean harsh restriction. In effect, a crackdown on social media. The t-square with Mars is still in force, but now Mars has moved on to conjunct with the UK Midheaven. The decisions made police and authorities represented by Mars are now having a public effect. The transiting Sun is also directly square the UK Saturn so the Government are supportive of these harsh measures. Transiting Jupiter is trine the UK Sun, so the legal processes is being overloaded (2000 court cases in just over a week) and with transiting Jupiter conjunct the UK natal Mars, the authorities are being over zealous in the punishments they are handing out. Finally, transiting Saturn is hitting the UK South Node, a very difficult and authoritarian position. No wonder the more liberal members of society are reacting with disgust to the sentences being given.

Pluto as I have said before never knows when to stop and we in the UK are now on the receiving end of the harsh energies it encourages, both in the cause of the riots and now the hard-line retaliation by those in charge. Restricting social media, tapping into BlackBerry messenger by the police; all these issues are being discussed and quite frankly if measures like these are taken and passed into law, it will only incite more vitriol from those in society who have incorporated these things into their daily life. The youth of the UK live by social media. The last thing you want to do is incite another riot by disaffecting them even more, do you?

I only hope that some common sense can be found in the wreckage of what is going on right now in Britain. Those in charge should be using their energies and intelligence to find a more permanent solution to the considerable problems in the country, especially to those on the edges of society, otherwise when transiting Pluto conjuncts the UK natal Sun in January 2013**, all hell may break loose.


My previous post - The Uranus Pluto square – Britain burns. Riots in Tottenham, Lewisham, Hackney, Peckham and right across London.


** The effects of this connection may well be felt in Summer of 2012 when Pluto comes within 1 degree of exact conjunction with the UK Sun.

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