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Marg Helgenberger – CSI actress bowing out at the top. A look at her horoscope and her character


Marg Helgenberger in the past few days announced that she had decided to leave the hit TV series CSI “Crime Scene Investigation”. I for one will be sorry to see her go, as it is one show that I have been hooked on since I discovered it – must be my Mars in Scorpio that draws me in. She leaves at the end of series 12 after an incredible 11 year run playing the character of Catherine Willows.

Marg befitting of someone who is in the programme a forensic detective, is a Sun Sign Scorpio, born on 16th November 1952 at 09.38am in Fremont, Nebraska. She has a cool yet very glamorous Aquarius Moon and a free and fun loving Sagittarius ascendant.  The Sun sits in the 11th house of friends groups and receiving love in conjunction with both Venus and Jupiter. This is a very fun loving combination full of optimism, love and generosity, yet also deep, emotional and secretive with it. Marg will be very popular with all her friends and colleagues and will be very generous to causes that she finds worthy. Marg’s mother did suffer with breast cancer, indicated by the Moon (which represents the mother) receiving a close square to Neptune which does weaken the health and a nasty inconjunct (150 degree) aspect from destructive Pluto. As such, this is a charity that Marg has taken to her heart.

MargHelgenberger natal

That Moon is in Aquarius in the 2nd house. This is a very caring place for the Moon to be placed and often you find this is the place of the social servant, somebody who needs to put themselves out to the public to be judged. In acting you put yourself out to be criticised every time she makes an episode. With the Moon in Aquarius, Marg will shine in the limelight and glare of the TV and film cameras, she will love the attention, but as with all Aquarius placements there will be a cool air to her, hard to get close to. This is echoed by Saturn sitting in her first house. The motivation behind her acting career will be monetary and the ability to build security and a comfortable life for herself. These she will closely guard and add to; often the houses of people with second house Moon are a veritable treasure trove, they never throw anything away and are great hoarders. Antiques and collectibles will definitely catch her eye.

Gathered around the Sagittarian ascendant we find Saturn and Mercury, Saturn in the 1st house and Mercury in the 12th. Marg will have a serious side to her personality. She will tend to be careful in any project she takes and will approach it in a mature and disciplined manner. She will appear as the strong and silent type, only offering up an opinion when she absolutely has to give one. Saying that, she will have a very methodical mind, excellent powers of concentration and no little intelligence; this is one smart lady. With Saturn and Mercury in trine to Uranus, she will embrace any technology and scientific forms of progress, so long as it can be proven useful to her; she will have a healthy scepticism of life in general. One thing that Marg will be very conservative in will be her beliefs. She will take her politics and faith very seriously, so much so that her she may prevent herself from appreciating other peoples point of views just through her own rather dogmatic ways. Marg is very stubborn having no less than 7 planets in fixed houses. When she digs her heels in, not even heaven and earth will move her.

We find Neptune in the 10th house of work and career. Neptune here often conveys a confusion especially when young in the direction one wants to go career wise. Neptune does have medical connotations and the desire to serve, and Marg growing up had a desire to be a nurse like her mother was. Notice the link back to the Moon in the social serving 2nd house, her mother (the Moon) cared for people. Of course, Marg found acting and Neptune here is a lovely fit as it rules creation films and TV. Neptune makes three connections to other planets, one to the Moon, the second to Jupiter in conjunction and third to Pluto in the 8th house. Both Pluto and Uranus are found here. Pluto in the 8th is strong sitting in it’s own house. It gives Marg an interest in death and the darker side of life. Before she took on her role as Catherine Willows, she visited autopsies in progress to research her role. Typical of a Sun sign Scorpio to go to exceptional lengths to get it right. Combine the 3 aspects to Neptune, Jupiter and it’s traditional connections to the law, the Moon and the need to be in the spotlight with Pluto and the dark side and you have the synopsis for CSI and the reason for her success. Indeed, had she not been an actress, her chart would have lead me to think that a career in investigation would have been very suited to her.

Uranus also is in the 8th and so Marg’s life at times will be subject to dramatic change, Uranus makes a trine to her ascendant, so all of a sudden she will cut her ties and go off in a new direction. True enough, when Marg announced her divorce to her husband Alan Rosenberg in Dec 08, transiting Uranus was square to her ascendant and quindecile to Pluto signifying a significant change in her life. Previous to December 2008, Uranus would have made a square connection to Mercury, ruling her 7th house of permanent relationships through Gemini on the cusp of the 7th. The problems with her husband would have started at least a couple of years earlier. 

In love and in relationships, Marg will be passionate and very emotionally involved. This shown by Venus sitting in deep Scorpio opposite to Mars in the 5th house in Taurus. Mars opposite Venus is very amorous and very determined in getting the object of one’s desires. She will be very forward and determined, so when she falls for someone, she will make sure she gets her man. Mars in the 5th loves sport, competition and games of any description, there is a huge desire to be number one.  Marg will have huge reserves of energy, able to work and work until she drops. It takes a hell of a lot of commitment to do 12 series back to back of any TV series, let alone one as complicated and involved as CSI. She certainly had the commitment and desire, but now she has decided that it was time to move on. Looking at the transits it is easy to see why.

MargHelgenberger transit

Everything on Marg’s transit chart has been saying to her change. Uranus which I spoke of earlier has been sextile to her natal Moon, Cancer ruled by the Moon is on the cusp of the 8th house of change. Transiting Pluto is sextile to her natal Neptune, encouraging her to find a new TV role and is trine to it’s own position in the 8th house of change. the transiting North Node is exactly conjunct her ascendant, a shift in her life path is now due, and transiting Saturn is exactly conjunct her Midheaven, representing her public role. Saturn is reinforcing the message to be ambitious and to move on while she is at the top. Astrologically, for her it was exactly the right thing to do – maybe with Pluto & Uranus in the 8th house and an interest to unusual subjects like astrology, an astrologer advised her. Not myself I might add. With a great and successful TV career behind her now, I am sure it will not be long before she will find a suitable role to get her teeth into.

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