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David Haye v Wladimir Klitschko – How do the two heavyweight champions stack up against each other?


I love doing this type of astrology, pitting man v man, one chart against another, who has the better planetary set up on the night. This fight to be held in Hamburg on Saturday 2nd July in the evening promising on paper to be a barnstormer. Two heavyweight champions going toe to toe and they genuinely (from the press coverage) seem to get on each other’s nerves. Do they, is it just a charade? What do the stars say? And more importantly for fight fans, who will come out victorious come Saturday night?

Right in the red corner we have David Haye, born 13th October 1980 in Bermondsey, South London. Incidentally, I do not have a birth time for either fighter so it makes my predictions and analysis a little less accurate. David is a Sun Libran closely conjunct to Pluto. Libra is a social sign and Haye will like to think that he is a man of the people. Pluto contributes to the Sun a huge determination for personal recognition. Pluto Sun is sextile Neptune, so David will sacrifice (Neptune) everything for personal glory. David’s Moon is in Sagittarius, the placement of an adventurer, somebody who aims for the stars. A Sun Libra and Moon in Sagittarius needs an active life and social interaction, so will enjoy a party. With a square between the Moon and Venus in Virgo, David will be a lady’s man too, and a discriminating one at that! He has to be careful not to let this potential distraction for a party lifestyle get in the way of the serious preparation for a fight. Luckily, He also has a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Libra. This contributes a nice balance to his whole chart. Yes, David will enjoy himself (Jupiter), but Saturn’s inner voice will tell him when to get down to business.

DavidHaye natal

David will be driven by fairness and justice, he won’t mind so long as there is an even playing field so to speak, allowing the best man on the night to win. If he thinks there is injustice in the air, it will really anger him. Jupiter in Virgo also contributes to being able to see the big picture, yet also being able to focus in on the details needed to make a strategy work. In a fight this is crucial, being able to analyse and discriminate and change tactics if needed. The Saturn/Jupiter is sextile to a volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction crossing over the Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. Here is endurance, Saturn Jupiter sextile Mars , huge enthusiasm Uranus/Jupiter and a wild vicious streak Mars/Uranus sextile Saturn. Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Scorpio is aggressive and unpredictable and Haye fights like this with swinging hooks and uppercuts. He has a free and easy boxing style (Sagittarius) yet is brutal with it and has a killer instinct (Scorpio).

In the blue corner is the slightly older Wladimir Klitschko. Born in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan on 25th March 1976. Wladimir is a forward thinking Aries with a Moon in Aquarius. Again, here is a man who want’s to be socially significant. Aries is impulsive and wants to be the best and Aquarius has a social angle to it. Vladimir will want to mix in glitzy circles to make him feel good. Coming from the backwaters of Kazakhstan, I suppose Vladimir has used boxing to achieve this aim.

WladimirKlitschko natal

The chart is based around 3 oppositions which make 2 t-squares. Like Haye, there is a Sun/Pluto aspect, this time an opposition, thus again a drive for personal fame backing up the Sun/Moon combination. There is also a free and easy Jupiter/Uranus opposition which instils a great need for personal freedom. This squares onto the Aquarius Moon. To get the freedom and social status and glamour Wladimir craved, he had to take up a career where he would be able to travel. This is born out as on the other side of this opposition is a wedge formation – a sextile and trine coming off the opposition with Mars at the point. The way out was through fighting (Mars). Like with Haye, Mars connects with Uranus in Scorpio, this time in a trine as part of the wedge, so you still see the killer instinct and brutality of Scorpio, however Mars here is in defensive Cancer.

Saturn is also in Cancer and Saturn is the planet associated with fear. There is a huge desire here to protect one’s personal security. Straight away, without even seeing the boxers fight, one knows that Wladimir will have a far more considered defensive style than Haye does as the Cancerian effect will kerb that aggressive Mars trine Uranus. Saturn trines to Mercury which adds huge concentration and steadies the mind. Wladimir won’t mind repetitive, tedious work (he rather enjoys it) and one thinks he will hide behind a sledgehammer jab, while Haye comes out swinging, waiting for the moment to strike. Vladimir’s Mars is square his Sun, which can show anger and possible impatience. What Haye has to do is to stoke up the fire in Wladimir by baiting him, and maybe he will lose concentration allowing Haye to pick his spot. Astrologically it is a beautiful match up, attack versus defence.

Putting the two charts together, there some irritating aspects between them that stokes the fire up even more. Haye’s Saturn opposes Wladimir’s Sun (Haye will tend to dominate Wladimir’s personality), Haye’s Saturn also squares Wladimir’s Mars, this is very annoying as they will be at cross purposes with each other and Haye’s Uranus trines to Wladimir’s Saturn. This describes the match up beautifully – the unpredictable Haye against the solid and more conservative Klitschko. Interestingly in all three of these key planetary match ups, Haye’s planet is the slower moving. I was always taught that if there was a connection between planets, the slower moving one would always dominate the faster moving one. On that score then, Haye to win.

Haye v Klitschko

Ok, how does the current planetary positions affect each boxer? Wladimir has some rather difficult transits on the night of the 2nd July. Transiting Uranus is conjunct his Sun so he will be rebellious and erratic, maybe a shock is coming. Transiting Uranus is also square natal Mars, so he will be accident prone (or liable to get hit on the chin a lot). Transiting Jupiter will be square to natal Moon, so possibly emotionally complacent and opposite natal Uranus, will he be too open for his own good? The real clincher for me that he will have a bad night is a couple of Sun Pluto aspects. Natal Pluto squares Wladimir’s Sun and the transiting Sun squares natal Pluto. Pluto always shows transformation, something must be destroyed before new growth can be made. In this case, it is Wladimir’s life which has to change. The square aspects mean that this change is inevitable, something that he will be unable to withstand. To me it tends to signify the end of an era in his life. Looking at the more long term Solar Arc progressions, Wladimir does have a lucky SA Jupiter sextile Sun and SA Jupiter trine Moon, which signify reward and success however he also has SA Uranus sextile Pluto and SA Pluto conjunct his natal North Node. Both these progressions suggest a changing of the status quo, moving on to pastures new.

WladimirKlitschko transits

With David Haye against the same planetary setup, the picture is a bit kinder. Transiting Mars will be opposite natal Moon and square natal Venus. He will be impatient and in a selfish mood.  It will also be quindecile to natal Uranus, Haye will be liable to take big risks. Transiting Uranus will be quindecile his natal Sun which is excitable but also reckless and Uranus also opposes natal Saturn. This says to me that progress (Saturn) will only be made if he takes the risky (Uranus) route. In essence, this aspect is encouraging Haye to go on the attack. If he does, he will move on in his life. Haye does also have transiting Jupiter quindecile natal Sun. This a driving ambition for fame, success and reward. This is the “I am the greatest mentality” and a very lucky transit. On the long term Solar Arc progressions for David there are just 3 active just now. SA Mercury trine natal North Node, signifying a meeting with others in a public arena (the fight) and weirdly SA Neptune square natal Sun and also square natal Pluto. Neptune is incredibly difficult to equate as it can represent from inspiration to the loss of ego, even deception and illegality. According to Noel Tyl, SA Neptune square to Pluto can come up with unusual problems, peculiar experiences and even death experiences. Maybe a controversial verdict will affect him in some way?

DavidHaye transits

Right, down to prediction time. Just on what I see in the astrology alone, I favour Haye to win over Klitschko, possibly by knock-out in the early to mid rounds. The longer it goes, the more I see an even fight. As I am British, you will expect me to favour the London boxer, however Haye’s Solar Arc transits from Neptune do worry me somewhat. Maybe there will be a strange happening, or unexpected event to throw doubt over the whole evening – maybe a strange decision after 12 rounds by the judges?

Overall I just think from what I see that it is Haye’s time to shine in the spotlight, while Wladimir’s transits suggest that he is ready to move on to pastures new. However, this is heavyweight boxing after all, and nothing is 100% certain. Many weird happenings have happened in the ring before, and will again, and I would never advise anyone to bet on the outcome of the fight based my predictions alone, especially as Neptune is heavily involved on David’s progressed chart. If you do decide to do so, it is at your own risk.

Who do you think will win and why? Please feel free to comment…

Enjoy the fight and may the best and strongest fighter win…

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