Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Syria Protests – Trouble brewing in Damascus

Oh my here we go again. Over the past few weeks the temperature has been rising in Syria. Yet another Arab country with this time the ruling Assad dynasty under pressure. President Bashar Al-Assad has been in power since 2000, when he succeeded his father who had been in charge for the previous 30 years. Seeing what has been going on in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, it seems the people are in a mood for change, however they have a huge obstacle to overcome in the name of President Assad and the Ba’ath party.
The Syrian chart based around the country’s accession from France shows a very dominant and brutal mini grand trine with Pluto being at the point of the formation completed by Neptune in trine to a very disruptive Mars/Uranus conjunction. Often easy going aspects (trines and sextiles) with malefic planets can precipitate violence easier than stressful aspects. The quindecile between Mercury and the 10th house Pluto which is secretive and controlling shows that much of this brutal control goes under the radar than most people see.

The transit charts for Syria are looking quite fraught. Transiting Pluto is approaching the Syrian Sun and is quindecile to natal Saturn, so change of the Assad regime does look a potential on the horizon. Transiting Saturn which has just crossed into the Syrian first house is now square to the Midheaven so pressure will now be brought to bare on President Assad. transiting Uranus is trine to the second house Venus, so there is potential social unrest in the air and it is also opposing the 12th house Neptune, so mobs of groups may now be forming in response to the unrest, however this also may precipitate some suffering too. I suspect the Syrian leader may be readying his forces and the police in response as transiting Mars is now trine to the Moon representing the general public.
President Assad has a brutal chart. Born on 11 Sept 1965 in Damascus (no birth-time), he has a Sun, Pluto and Uranus conjunction in nervous critical Virgo opposite harsh Saturn in deceptive Pisces and maybe Moon forming a wedge pattern with Mars and Neptune in deep dark Scorpio at the point. Here is a man who is sly, sneaky, able to adapt to situations as he has 7 planets in mutable signs, and has no scruples in using brute force (Mars), torture (Pluto), unusual underhand (Neptune) or shock tactics (Uranus) to keep his hand on the levers of power (Saturn). By the astrology, this is someone not to be messed with, and a man who will cling onto power by his fingernails if possible. The transits on his personal chart favour him for the minute. He has a constructive sextile between transiting Saturn and natal Jupiter and a trine between that Saturn and natal Jupiter. It would be nice to see how his Ascendant and Midheaven is affected but unfortunately with no birth-time it isn’t possible. I have to rely on the national chart and it’s aspects to see how the head of State may be affected
In my view, Assad will see out this wave of protests, however his power and standing will be weakened, and when Uranus comes round at the end of the year to complete it’s retrograde cycle finally stationing on Syria’s Midheaven in December, then it will be crunch time. It is going a lot of force and sacrifices by the people to get the change in power that they so desire.


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