Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Simon Cowell – Master of all that he controls, for now…


Who is the most powerful man on entertainment TV? Who seems to have the golden touch with whatever project he sets his mind to? In the UK over the past decade, there is only one candidate, Simon Cowell. Now, after wowing the US audiences for the past few years on Pop Idol, Cowell will finally bring his X-Factor show to the States.

Simon was born in Brighton on 7th October 1959 – I have no birth-time but looking at his chart I reckon that Simon was born around 21.45 in the evening. Certainly knowing that Simon followed his father into the music industry helps in a little in trying to tie down a birth-time for him. If anyone reading this article does know the exact time, please can you let me know.


Simon is a Sun sign Libra and I estimate his Sun to be in the 4th house which needs privacy. Simon seems to like it that way, happy to be in the spotlight at work, but it seems as if his home and private life he guards very carefully. The Moon is in the 6th house, which is the workaholic position; he is able to hold down 2 or 3 projects at the same time. Here we find a compassion for others, especially helping those in need. Cowell will have a love of children with a crowded 5th house, and his philanthropy to children’s causes and charities has been well documented. Simon takes his work very seriously with Saturn in the 6th too; he will also have a constructive attitude to his health and well-being. With Moon conjunct Saturn, Simon’s mother would have been very strict, maybe even cruel towards him. I have seen this aspect so often and it always checks out. Simon will also suffer more than his share of emotional disappointments. Saturn/Moon is trine Pluto/Venus, very intense and some people may find him too full on, his dedication to his everyday work too much, his criticism too harsh to bare.

The 5th house filled with Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Neptune just screams out entertainment. Neptune is also on the midheaven which confirms his father’s connection with the music industry (the Midheaven axis can represent the father and mother). Here is energy (Mars), music and TV itself (Neptune), big expansive shows (Jupiter) and his need to comment in them (Mercury) – the X Factor in one!! The Jupiter and Neptune are square and sextile controlling Pluto – Simon has ultimate control over how the show goes out and the music content too. Pluto square Jupiter is the money making aspect and with big business Scorpio (which Pluto rules) intercepted in the fifth house, Simon will think on a large financial scale about any show or project he puts out. Pluto is conjunct Venus in the 3rd house of communication. Venus in the 3rd house is smart and glamorous and he will definitely have a sense of what the public actually wants to see. Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd highlights critical comment and Cowell’s criticism is legendary, he is a powerful speaker and he will tend to bring others around to his point of view through his strong convictions.

Uranus is sitting in his 3rd house too, so he will have a good grasp of technology and innovation; he will be creative with his ideas. With Uranus trine his 5th house Mars, he will be ambitious, a bit of a risk taker and also often the man to get projects off the ground and to lead them forward.

Looking at the Solar Arcs, SA Sun is square Pluto which suggests a change in his working routine (he is quitting X-Factor in the UK and moving it to the US) however for once the boot will be on the other foot, and instead of him controlling UK TV schedules as he has tended to do, this time he himself will be under some measure of control by FOX. For someone who has been used to getting his own way, it ill be interesting to see how he takes to this. Down the line, in a year or two I can see this problem growing with SA Pluto conjunct Mercury next year, and SA Uranus conjunct his natal Sun in two years which suggests rebellious action or a break for freedom. Without a proper birth-time it is difficult to estimate how successful he will be in the US with his own creation, however if I am correct about the birth, Simon’s SA Saturn and Moon will be transiting through the 9th house of international affairs. I don’t think he will find it as easy as he has found it in the UK.


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