Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Serena Williams –Tennis legend but her health a concern


Serena Williams, the 13 time Grand Slam tennis champion, is currently recovering in hospital after having some emergency surgery on a blood clot that formed in her lungs. The 29 year old tennis champion was born in Saginaw, Michigan in the United States. Along with her sister Venus, she has dominated the women’s tennis scene for a decade, at least when she has been fit. Serena has her Sun in social Libra in the 6th house of health and her chart is notable for having no less than 6 planets in the house. Health and well-being is and will play a huge part in her life. With all her planet in the Western hemisphere of the chart, Serena is a very giving person and will tend to think of others ahead of herself. With humanitarian Aquarius ruling her 11th house, charity work will be dear to her heart.


As with Sachin Tendulkar who I wrote about earlier today, Serena is an athlete and Mars, the planet of action and energy is placed in the 5th house of sport and games. Mars is in showy Leo and Serena more than any other women’s tennis player is interested in showing fashion on the court, even jewellery and manicured nails – all very brash and Leo like. Mars is trine Jupiter which is hugely self-confident, she has total belief in her own ability and she genuinely enjoys a challenge. It is also square Venus in Scorpio the 7th house, Serena needs to be in a relationship and an intense one at that. She will be extremely amorous and will thoroughly throw herself into her relationships, with the accent more on her rather, than on her partner. Uranus also sits in the 7th house which suggest she will be attracted to unusual or talented people. Serena will be critical and possessive, Moon in Virgo with a Taurus ascendant sees to this, I would hazard a guess that she maybe hard to live with. Initially there will be a shyness about her when she encounters someone new, giving her the air of being somewhat evasive. She is a dreamer (Moon opposite Neptune) and will avoid confrontations especially in relationships, and may allow problems to fester rather than sorting them out directly.

Now we move to the crowded 6th house. Here we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto.  A huge accent on health & everyday work. The Moon here is a workaholic Moon, Serena will have a warrior’s attitude to practise, and refining her skills (remember Moon is in Virgo). The Sun and Mercury here does the same job, at her everyday work (tennis) she will be a perfectionist, working and working on her technical skills. Saturn and Pluto will give her a serious attitude to the work she needs to do to get where she wants to be, Pluto will push her in this respect until she drops. However, this is a chore that Serna will positively enjoy with Jupiter here. She does the work behind the scenes to propel her to the top. All this sounds so positive for a sportswoman, however there is downside to this crowded house. The 6th house is the house of health. Moon here in Virgo will make her worry about her well-being, and although with all the planets here her attitude to physical health will be excellent, Saturn and Pluto will undermine her body. Right now transiting Saturn which normally undermines the health, is  passing through the 6th house. It is not surprising that she has not played competitive tennis since the Summer. The lungs are ruled by Mercury and natal Mercury is being weakened by a trine to Neptune, a square from Venus and a rather nasty 150 degree quincunx from Uranus. Saturn towards the end of 2011 will conjunct Pluto. I suspect the health problems will carry on into next year unfortunately.

Let’s hope we do see her back soon, as the sight of Serena in full flow is one of the most thrilling sights in women’s sport.


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