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Saudi Arabia – Protests and the threat to the world’s oil supply.

Saudi Arabia

It was announced in the news today that authorities in Saudi Arabia have cracked down on potential unrest by banning all protests and marches in the country. The security forces have been ordered to use all measures to prevent  public disorder. Hmmm, I wonder how long this will actually last? The beauty about astrology is that you can have a glimpse ahead and see trouble on the horizon. Looking at Saudi Arabia and the general synopsis in the heavens just around the corner, the world needs to be concerned.

Lets have a quick look at the Saudi Natal Chart. By it’s appearance, it is remarkably similar to the Libya chart I looked at a few days ago. There is a Cancerian ascendant, security and the defence of the kingdom will be of utmost importance. We have a nervous Virgo Sun trine a very powerful Saturn in Capricorn the 7th. The ruler, King Abdullah has an iron grip on everything that goes on.  You can see the aspects radiating out from this Saturn touching all planets by aspect except the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the 3rd house. That Jupiter Neptune conjunction represents a large expanse (Jupiter) of oil (Neptune) in the local environment (3rd house) which is exploited by international (Jupiter) oil companies . We can see a brutal cruel attitude to justice (Pluto conjunct Mars opposite Saturn), a very restrictive attitude to women’s affairs (Venus quindecile Saturn), a very hard line taken over dissent (Saturn square Uranus) and control over communication, the press & travel (Saturn trine Mercury). The Moon representing the people is in the hidden 12th house inconjunct the all powerful Saturn. I suspect there will be a lot of chatter behind the scenes against the absolute monarchy, but the ruling family and it’s security forces keeps a lid on the population.


Now however, problems are in the pipeline. The Saudi Sun sits at 29 degrees Virgo and the Saudi Midheaven sits at 1 degree Aries. The Sun represents the absolute ruler, the King and the Midheaven represents the ruling government, those at the top. Right now as I write, transiting Uranus (which represents rebel opposing forces to the ruling monarchy) is 2 minutes from opposing the natal Sun. At the same time Uranus will conjunct the Saudi Midheaven on 30th March. Uranus is also making a square aspect to the natal Moon, the people, no doubt seeing what is happening in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia will be in a mood for revolt. Uranus when it connects to the major angles (Ascendant & Midheaven) or the personal planets (the Moon and the Sun) on a national chart always heralds change. Remember this too. Uranus is just about to change signs from confused dreamy Pisces into action dominated, war like Aries; the people will finally be able to get mobilised. You just watch the sparks fly around the world!! Just as worrying, transiting Pluto is trine the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Pluto is transformational, or can denote a blockage of some kind. Is the oil supply from Saudi Arabia going to be affected in some way? On the Solar Arc charts, there are two aspects virtually exact now. SA Pluto is square the Saudi Ascendant and SA Uranus will shortly conjunct it which means a transformation in the face of the country more than likely by revolution of some type, or by a dramatic change. SA Moon representing the people is conjunct the South Node. To me, this almost suggests a turning in on the country itself. Putting this all together, I can see the possibility of major popular unrest or even civil war. Two years down the line in approximately 2013, SA Mars will square Uranus! Ouch, disruption with violence, maybe military based. It doesn’t sound very hopeful, does it? Factor this in as well. King Abdullah is himself 87 and I understand his health is not too good. Should something happen to him, then the crown is up for grabs.

As you will be aware, Saudi Arabia controls the largest reserves of oil in the world. As I mentioned before, oil is ruled by Neptune and Neptune is just about to change signs too like Uranus. Neptune will move from Aquarius to Pisces in April. So what will this mean for the world oil supply? Neptune hasn’t been in this spot just about to move into Pisces since 1848, the first oil well was drilled in 1853. Will it mean that the main oil supplies of the world (Saudi Arabia, Libya) will be managed by countries in flux or disorganisation? Pisces is a nebulous sign, where control dissolves completely, and if that happens, what will happen to the price of petroleum world wide? Serious questions indeed for a world dependent still on oil supplies. If the Astrology holds out and I have read it correctly, the world will and needs to be worried.


** UPDATE 12th March 2011 **


After seeing how the last Solar Eclipse has affected the world in many ways, Japan Tsunami, New Zealand Earthquake and all the disruption across North Africa, I thought I would have a peek into the future and look at the next Solar Eclipse due for 1st July 11. What I saw shocked me. I have written that any planet hitting an angle on an eclipse chart relocated to a point on earth will severely affect that region. Located to Riyadh, the next eclipse itself not hits almost directly onto the Midheaven but the Cardinal cross formed at the time of the eclipse has Saturn on the Ascendant, Pluto on the IC and Uranus on the descendant. Major changes WILL happen in Saudi Arabia starting I would guess late summer this year. Please return back over time as I update this article…

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