Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sachin Tendulkar – Astrology profile of the “Little Master”


The Cricket World Cup carries on in India and Bangladesh over the next couple of weeks, which gave me the opportunity to look at probably the most talented and number one cricketer on planet earth and India’s favourite son, the little master that is Sachin Tendulkar.

Born in Mumbai (24/04/1973 @ 16.20), Sachin is a Sun Sign Taurus with Moon in serious Capricorn. Both the personal planets are in Earth signs which keep his feet and his emotions firmly on the ground and both signs, Taurus and Capricorn are accumulators. This is what he does best, accumulate runs at a prolific rate.

Sachin has a Virgo ascendant which makes him critical, not only of others but also of himself, he will be very self critical and he will have an ability to perfect all his actions to the nth degree. Here is a well turned out young man, how may Virgo ascendants do you know who are scruffy and unkempt? Pluto sits in his first house, giving him a intensity to his personality. Pluto here often indicates that you will model yourself on a charismatic figure of some sort, I believe this to be the great Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, who aided the young Tendulkar by giving him a pair of his own batting pads.


The standout aspect on his chart is a grand air trine, from Uranus in the 1st to Mars in the 5th to Saturn in the 9th house. As befitting a sportsman, Sachin has Mars in the 5th house in humanitarian Aquarius, this is a Mars dedicated to games and physical activity. This Mars is conjunct Jupiter in the fifth which is fun loving, a love of, and generous to, children. Here is a compassionate edge to the persona, Sachin regularly contributes money to the poor and homeless children in his home city of Mumbai. Moving round onto Saturn in the 9th. Here Saturn is in Gemini. As I explained in a previous piece, this placing convinces the brain that you believe that you are not as good as you think you are, so in most cases you work harder to compensate. With Saturn trine Mars, Sachin will have the urge to practise, practise and practise, he has an limitless amount of energy at his disposal. Here Saturn will also contribute excellent concentration and this trine gives determination and a serious work attitude. Perfect for batting for hours in heat and putting up with physical hardship. He has a serious attitude to religion and his faith to his God will be very strong. Of course, no use if you have the determination and the stamina, if you haven’t got the talent. This is where the third leg of the grand trine comes in; Uranus in the first house. Here is an abundance of skill and individual talent he can utilise. Remember in cricket, there is an element of individuality within the grand scope of the team. He will want to be different, and there is no better way in standing out from the crowd than to be the best in the world. Ally all three legs of the grand trine with that Virgo ascendant and you have a phenomenal talent with all the attributes you could want in a sportsman. The signs are critical to the whole picture. Without the Gemini and Virgo aspects in there, I dare say Sachin would have all the talent in the world, but he wouldn’t work at it, and would just become lazy, mainly because everything would come so easy to him. Grand trines by their very nature are self-contained, the right elements need to be there for them to work to their best effect. Whenever he needs to get away from any troubles he may have, the grand trine is where he will gravitate to, his talent with the willow in the middle of the cricket pitch. His one release from this obsession comes from the square to the Moon off of Uranus. The Moon in  Capricorn the 4th house will give him a love of his family, he will be fiercely protective of them and he treats family life very seriously. He will be a strict, if compassionate father.

When Sachin finally hangs up his cricketing pads he will need something to do. The mini grand trine between Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter give the clue, broadcasting. Neptune sits in the 3rd house of communication and it rules TV and radio. Mercury sits in go ahead Aires, he is straight talking and will have direct opinions and this trine sextiles onto Jupiter in the fifth house of sports and games. Sports broadcasting is where he is heading for sure. With Neptune in Sagittarius, not only is there a local (3rd house) element to this broadcasting but also an international (Sagittarius) element to it too.

With Sun and Venus, Sachin is sociable, popular, loves to have friends around and his personal relationships are more intense than you would imagine. He will have an interest in social power and how money affects people’s lives, something I am sure he will pursue and tackle in his homeland as he gets older.


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