Monday, 7 March 2011

Prince Andrew – Making the wrong choices again


Prince Andrew is back in the news again. Every so often, the Prince’s questionable decision making comes back into the spotlight, often for the wrong reasons. True, the royal family do live under an unusual spotlight, however his judgement in the character of people with whom he associates himself has always been a flaw in his character, from flirting with “erotic” actress Koo Stark to his marriage and divorce with Sarah Ferguson (I will look at her chart in the future), to the latest batch of “unusual” associations in the roles as British Trade ambassador, ones which include Jeffrey Epstein, the US financier jailed for sex offences, being friends with Saif Gaddafi (the outspoken son of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi) as well as convicted Libyan gun smuggler Tarek Kaituni and Sakher al-Materi, a leading member of the former Tunisian regime.


Prince Andrew is a Sun sign Pisces (just by 9 mins) with his Moon in deep hidden Scorpio. This very watery combination is in square aspect, Prince Andrew will always feel in a state of flux and his emotions will feel at odds with with his overall person and his desires. What will always hold him back in my view is that Moon in Scorpio in the 4th house, a very strong attachment to his family, his royal duties and to his mother. The Sun in the murky 8th house hints that he does have a very big interest in dealing with the business of economics of other people’s money, especially as this Sun receives an opposition from Pluto in the 2nd house. This is a “magnetic” interest in big finance, but it  hints at a more secret seedier side to the Prince’s personality that has stayed out of the spotlight, until quite recently through the press reports. Also in the 8th house we find Mercury. Mercury is trine Saturn in Capricorn which supports his interest in administration and trade and he will work hard for sure in this role but every so often, that wandering mind will go off on a tangent and his resulting actions will get him in trouble. This is compounded by a complete lack of air in his chart. As such he will over-compensate for the lack of Air by being too eager to please, networking and making contacts without clearly thinking of the potential consequences. 

Looking at the rest of the chart, Andrew likes to be seen as an individual and a bit of a risk taker. Uranus in the first house in Leo shows that he likes to make a dramatic statement, not easy living to achieve in the goldfish bowl that is the royal family. Jupiter in the fifth house is generous and fun loving, he likes to take risks including emotional ones. He will be attracted to unusual, talented people with a strong personality, (Uranus in Leo square Moon in Scorpio) and will want as much as possible to keep these relationships under the radarscope. There is a big generosity to Andrew’s character, he will be very giving to his two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. Venus and Mars sit together in Capricorn in the sixth house. This is never an easy position, this conjunction makes the subject rather forward in coming forward, especially in romantic situations; the Prince will always be the one making the first move. This prince has a “can do” attitude, will be assertive Mars in the 6th house and will not suffer slackness in anyone, he likes to be the one in command and has a positive attitude to physical fitness and working out. I imagine he would have thoroughly enjoyed his time in military service.

Having a Sun at 0 degrees Pisces, transiting Neptune is just one degree now from directly hitting Andrew’s Sun/Pluto opposition. It is no surprise that his trade dealing and all that go with them is in the spotlight right now. In Neptunian terms, there is a cloud of suspicion hanging over him. Saturn transiting through his 3rd house is square his natal Saturn, so lessons being learned through press reports (3rd) and through government criticism (Saturn) of his everyday work (6th house). Transiting Uranus is square natal Jupiter, these are reports about unusual (Uranus) international (Jupiter) relationships (7th), some of a sleazy nature (8th) - note that Uranus rules the 7th & 8th house through Aquarius on the cusp of both. These transits are mirrored in the Solar Arc aspects, SA Jupiter opposite Uranus, SA Neptune sextile Sun, SA Pluto has been opposite his Midheaven hurting his public profile and SA Saturn is square Prince Andrew’s Pluto so difficult times for him this year, as Scorpio ruled by Pluto is intercepted in the 4th house of home, his mother the Queen will not be amused.


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