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Lionel Messi – The most talented football player on earth


I suffered in awe and in admiration last night. For the second time in two years I saw my beloved team Arsenal succumb to Barcelona in the Champion’s league. Through the disappointment, one has to applaud the little magician that is Lionel Messi. I don’t quite remember Pele, I saw Johan Cruyff and George Best as a boy, and I saw Maradona dribble around the whole England team in disbelief in 1986 (and cheat too by punching the ball in the net), but having watched young Lionel over the past few years, I reckon he has the potential to be better than the lot of them.

LionelMessi natal

Lionel has an incredible chart, I have seen a lot in my astrology studies over the past 20 years, but his one shines like a beacon with talent. Lionel was born in 1986 on 24th June in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina at 06.00 hrs according to his biography. A Cancerian by birth, he has a double Gemini Moon and Ascendant conjunct to it. Leo’s Cancerian Sun sits neatly in his first house along with the Moon. The combination of Sun and Moon is not easy as we have a sensitive soul who’s emotions are always likely to be on edge. This emotional indecision does need an outlet to challenge oneself away from what lies beneath the surface, and the adulation he receives on the football pitch does just that. The Sun and Moon together in the 1st does bring himself a clear impression of who he is and what he can do. He is very self-motivated and capable of being a leader, albeit  with a soft sentimental side. His type of leadership I suspect will be through actions and deeds rather than through fear and aggression.

Opposite the Sun is Neptune in Capricorn, Lionel has great vision and dreams which actually come out in a physical form. Vision in a footballer is vital, being able to “see” what is going on in and around you and react to it. Neptune is quindecile Mars conjunct Mercury, so Leo’s reactions to that vision he sees is rapid, allowing him to react quicker than his peers. Making the Sun/Neptune opposition into a wedge formation is Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th house of sports and games. Pluto is very powerful here adding a sense of destiny to his work as well as a need to be all powerful. It contributes him a ruthless attitude and if you have seen him play you will know that he has a killer’s instinct in front of goal and is quite unemotional with Moon in Gemini – it drives him to be the best, which I believe in the world of football he is right now.

That Moon and Venus sit together in the 1st house in Gemini bringing him an individualistic streak. Here is a childlike love of games and an appreciation of beauty, of course he plays in the “beautiful game” with grace and perfection. Venus in the 1st always has a bit of a vain streak and Leo will always want to create a fashionable and neat appearance wherever he appears. Sitting in the 2nd house is Mercury conjunct Mars. This conjunction brings him a love of a challenge, a strong critical voice and a good team attitude; Aries ruled by Mars rules the cusp of the 11th house of teams and groups. This is not the most aggressive combination being in Cancer, however when something needs to be said, Leo will accordingly respond. Mercury here again perfects the reactions and with Mercury & Mars together those reactions are lightning fast. Messi is known for his twinkle toes, twisting and turning past players like they didn’t exist. He has speed of mind and a quickness on the ground. This placing has an aptitude for money making and spending, however with Cancer on the cusp of the 2nd, I suspect the property market is something that will be attractive to him.

Lionel has Jupiter in positive Aries in the 11th house conjunct square to Mars. This brings fortune to the clubs and groups he is associated with (that certainly seems true with Barcelona) and Lionel will have an optimistic, can do attitude to life. he is very ambitious, popular with his friends and teammates and will never satisfied, always wanting to improve and get better, he embraces competition.  With Jupiter trine Uranus in the 7th house, Leo is an innovator, an individualist and will be very keen to support humanitarian causes.

Finally we come around the chart to look at the Saturn/Uranus conjunction in the 7th house. Leo desperately needs to be loved and adored, and from the Camp Nou crowd he receives that adoration. However in his personal life, things will not prove to be that easy. He would have missed the love of his father with Saturn retrograde, and we do know that he moved from Argentina to Barcelona when he was a teenager. Saturn and Uranus here could indicate that he will leave it late before getting married, and with individualistic Uranus in the 7th one wonders if he will ever tie the knot formally; his need for freedom within relationships is paramount.

That Saturn opposes his Moon Venus conjunction and this opposition squares onto a dreamy Piscean Midheaven. Is this a connection to a future career in TV or broadcast media? I wouldn’t be surprised to find him in the commentary box or acting as a successful pundit for Spanish sports TV later in his career, especially as that communicative and rather forthright Mars/Mercury conjunction makes a trine to the Midheaven too.

Looking at his current transits and Solar Arcs, all quiet on the future for Leo. He may not be at the peak of his powers right now, but he does have transiting Pluto trine and sextile Neptune and it’s own position which is progressive. Leo’s SA Midheaven is exactly trine Mercury today as I write, so in the news for all the right reasons, unfortunately for me and my team.

Putting it all together, you have a remarkable combination of the love of the game, incredible reactions, with a dedication to succeed and a ruthless streak. The only risk I see ahead for Leo is when he stops playing. That Neptune opposite the Sun is susceptible to drink and drugs and escapism, when he no longer has the weekly adoration on the field, and if his emotional life does not reach the heights that his sporting life did. This is a big question mark on his chart. There could be one saving grace if he can use this energy towards the broadcasting world. If so, I can see him airing his views and opinions for Spanish speaking soccer lovers around the world and carving out a new career where that adoration will continue to be received.

That’s a long way into the future, as he is still in his early 20’s (can you believe it??) and I believe that he has a lifetime of winning cups and trophies still ahead of him…

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