Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Libya – The astrology of a country in crisis

Libya rebels

As the confusion continues and Gaddafi is holed up somewhere in the desert away from the tide of rebel advance, I thought I’d have a more detailed look at the country chart and see what it is saying.


The natal chart has a insular 4th house Sun in controlling Capricorn sextile to the Moon in Libra which suggest the people are quite sociable, if only they were not so constrained by the leaders. There is a very hard-line and religious Saturn, Mars and Neptune at the point of a mini grand trine, extending by two sextiles and held in check by a trine between controlling Pluto and Mercury. Neptune conjunct Mars indicates that the military has been kept deliberately weakened to protect the leader from coups. Communication is restricted and there is a brutal undercurrent to the regime. Uranus in the 10th aptly describes the leader himself, someone who took power through a coup, a loose cannon at the helm, with strong beliefs (square Jupiter) and an iron grip on things (square Saturn, Mars). With most of the planets on the Eastern hemisphere, this is not a very outgoing country, happy to keep most of it’s affairs internal. Interestingly, the only planet in the Western hemisphere is Jupiter which suggests most of Libya’s wealth lies with overseas institutions!!

The current transits show major changes about to finally happen. Transiting Uranus is square the Libyan Sun so the revolution is in full flow, transiting Saturn has hit the Saturn Mars conjunction, there is death, public sorrow and challenge to authoritarian rule. Transiting Neptune is trine the Moon suggesting that the public are confused, there maybe looting, swindling and fraud. Transiting Mercury is square it’s own position, communication and regular transport is difficult, echoing the danger on the roads and also  the no fly zone just being enforced. Pluto is square natal Jupiter which lies in the 7th house, there is a blockage (Pluto) being put on the wealth of the country, the international embargos just announced. Jupiter has just past through a conjunction with itself; an optimism felt by the people for the first time in a long time of foreign influences installing belief (Tunisia, Egypt). On the Solar Arcs which are more long term, SA Mars is on the IC at the bottom of the chart opposite the Midheaven – a change at the top by force. The Moon will conjunct the Sun in around 2 years time thus I believe in approximately 2013 the people will herald a new leader. Until then, the battle for Libya will carry on. How easy it will be, and who will prevail only time will tell.


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