Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ireland, Enda Kelly and his new government and challenges ahead.

dublin sunrise

The sun rising over the River Liffey in Dublin represents the new dawn Ireland wakes to tomorrow. The phoenix will start to rise from the ashes of virtual financial ruin, however for Enda Kenny and his new coalition government, it’s going to be a long hard tough slog.


Ok, here we go. The official time of Mr Kenny taking up the role of Taoiseach was according to the Irish press at 14.43 hrs. This gives a Sun Mars conjunction in the 8th house of financial relations with other countries, so plenty of forcefulness and action towards the EU. There will be plenty of arguments with them. However, there is a Jupiter Saturn opposition so it will be difficult for Mr Kenny to find a balance between cutting back and keeping growth going. Saturn is in the 3rd house of communication so there will be a  forceful radical message rammed home but  Uranus and Mercury is quindecile Saturn, so this message and approach will get severe criticism and opposition, especially in the press. Pluto is trine the Moon, square Jupiter, Uranus/Mercury and sextile Mars so the people will feel under the thumb with long distance travel, education and export trade as well as the debt restructuring on the ledger for reform or subject to increased taxes. Watch the unemployment rate to suffer too. Mr Kenny may well have to deal with serious religious issues with such an emphasis on the 9th house. As Venus is in the sixth house, I expect a more measured and gentle response from Mr Kenny’s government to health reform. On this particular chart, Neptune is peregrine, unconnected to any planet, so an air of confusion and/or deception of the pure motives will hang over the government, especially in regard to foreign affairs.

Looking to Ireland’s natal chart and it’s Solar Arcs right now, SA Saturn has just gone though it’s opposition with firstly the Sun then Venus highlighting the administrative & financial restrictions put upon the nation. Right now, SA is sextile Ireland’s Sun so public optimism is in the air, SA Sun is conjunct Uranus, a revolution of sorts has taken place and SA Venus is conjunct Uranus, this has been the public sending out a radical message; this is the first time in 14 years that Fine Gael has been in government. Looking ahead a bit, Ireland may be back in the news for the wrong reasons in a year and a half’s time (SA Mercury square Midheaven) and SA Saturn square Jupiter (Saturn is passing through the 4th house of the official opposition and Jupiter is in the 6th of the nation’s wealth), possibly the government’s finances will be on shaky ground at that point. On the transits, both transiting Uranus does not have far to go to square the Irish Midheaven at 5 degrees Gemini which represents a rebellion of some type, timed for April next year, maybe the coalition will start to fragment. There will be a few bumps along the way before Ireland gets back firmly on it’s feet.


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