Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Steve Jobs – Face of Apple and ailing genius

steve jobs
Today, 24th February is the birthday of Steve Jobs, one of the electronic and creative pioneers of our age. Having worked with Atari, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Disney & Apple, Steve is blessed with creative ideas and a no-nonsense business sense, but in recent years has been cursed with ill health.
Steve is a Sun sign Pisces in the first house square his Midheaven (denoting his profession), all that creative energy is up-front, out there for all to see, from the Apple Mac, to the I-pad, from designing computer chips to overseeing Toy Story. All that creativity is technology based, with an Aquarius ascendant represented in Uranus which is conjunct Jupiter in the 6th house of everyday work. There is a Thor’s Hammer configuration (see also my post on Enid Blyton) from the Sun/Midheaven square which concentrated to a point at Jupiter. All those creative ideas MUST come out, pushing forward the use of technology in a BIG way for everyday use. Also feeding into that Uranus/Jupiter conjunction is a T-Square configuration, Mars in the financial money orientated 2nd  opposes Neptune in imaginative 8th house (also concerned with big business), square this 6th house combination. There is business like energy and creative dreams driven into this technological fulcrum. All this energy is perfected into beautiful form, with an opposition to Venus in work based Capricorn (there is business stamped all over this chart) in the 12th house. Venus in the 12th always craves for an ideal form – notice how the I-pod and I-phone were not only way ahead technologically, but also fantastic to look at.
Steve’s intellect is huge, Mercury conjunct the Ascendant always shows great intelligence and it is put to good use in a administrative sense and internationally square Saturn in the 9th house. That Saturn in turn trines back to the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, his energy is focused on the business of creative technology and squares Pluto in the 7th – here is a powerful, controlling man and a fierce enemy if you were to cross him. Going back to Mercury, interestingly it is conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house, so the ideas stay behind the scenes until the last minute. Saturn is in secretive Scorpio echoing this, and Apple has always been run in a very controlled manner, it likes to guard it’s creative ideas and patents with zeal. Steve does have a softer side to his personality, with Moon in the first house in dreamy Pisces – he will be sentimental and compassionate.
From Summer 2004, Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Whenever I have looked at charts where people have had health problems maybe earlier than they should,  quite often the 6th house is emphasised and regularly you can see a 6th to 12th house opposition. You can see a lot of pressure on that Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, almost an arrowhead pointing to it. Uranus and Jupiter are both retrograde, so the energy does not work as it should & Uranus always causes disruption wherever it is found. Jupiter (through it’s association with Sagittarius) traditionally rules the Pancreas. In July/Aug/Sept 2004, transiting Saturn hit that Jupiter/Uranus conjunction weakening that part of the chart. Since then,  Steve’s health has been a concern. It is very difficult to pinpoint health problems on charts due to the slow nature of some conditions to manifest themselves. However, every hit by an outer planet to a personal planet (Sun/Moon are in the first house  & are weaker than normal being in Pisces and thus  reduces the strength of the physical body) or that Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will affect his constitution. In 2009 Steve had a liver transplant. Mercury rules the liver, is retrograde conjunct the ascendant (affecting the physical body) and is square Saturn; there was inherent weakness in this area too from birth. Late in 2011, Saturn squares Jupiter and Uranus again. That is bound to be a difficult time for him. I wish him well…


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