Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Silvio Berlusconi – On the edge of a precipice

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He has dodged the bullet several times in his political career, but this time I believe that Berlusconi will not survive the pressure building upon him and the stars clearly show this. Below is his natal chart - things to look out for - his Sun in socially orientated Libra in the first house conjunct Mercury which is on the point of a natal Yod (more of that later).  He is a workaholic, both Moon and Saturn in the 6th, severe on anyone who works for him, and would have had a tough upbringing - his mother would have been hard on him). Pluto is power hungry in 10th, house and connected to his Venus in the 2nd by a tight square (I use warm colours reds orange where the energy flows easily - trines & sextiles and blues and purples for tension or blockages - oppositions & squares).



One could say that the Venus in the second house (Berlusconi’s self worth) seen through relationships and possessions may just be his Achilles heel work wise (affecting his power base Pluto in the 10th). Venus is in deep dark Scorpio, Berlusconi will be attracted to the seedier side of life and square Pluto this desire will be insatiable. This is backed up by Uranus in the 8th house of sexual involvement- a love of the unknown and the unusual connected by a sextile to his emotions (the moon). Uranus rules the untenanted fifth house where affairs and the giving of love is shown (Aquarius on the cusp). The moon incidentally is opposite Neptune - this is a man who is either a dreamer or dishonest with his emotions or most likely both. He is certainly generous with these emotions, this opposition is square expansive Jupiter in the third which gives his him  the gift of the gab - he has the ability of squirming himself out of difficult situations with expansive words and promises - certainly this has helped him in the past, but this time the knives are out for him.

So why just now is Berlusconi looking down the barrel of the gun. Well Berlusconi’s 1st house Sun at almost 6 Cancer is now being squared up by transiting Pluto and being opposed by Jupiter in the 7th house of relationships and open enemies. Berlusconi’s once hidden excesses are now in the open with pressure on his personal profile plus Berlusconi’s Midheaven is receiving an exact almost to the minute square from Uranus - this is a shock from the blue, based on his sexual exploits (remember Uranus in 8th) now out in the open. When these allegations surfaced in mid January, transiting Mercury was conjunct transiting Pluto almost exactly to the minute square that natal Sun. Mercury began this and I suspect the retrograde Natal Mercury at the tip of the Yod will finish it it too. In a year’s time (Feb 2012) Pluto will hit 9 Cancer squaring up that natal Mercury activating the natal Yod, often a turning point in life. At the same time Saturn will conjunct natal Venus activating the natal Venus Pluto square and at that point I suspect justice will be served.




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