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The Oscars – A look at the astrology of the ceremony


The Academy Awards or Oscars are the highlight of the film year. Millions of people around the globe tune in to watch the tiny gold statuettes given out to film making world. No other awards ceremony in the world comes close to the Oscars in terms of glamour or prestige.

As with “human” horoscopes, ceremonies have a birthday too and Astrologers can make charts out to follow their progress. The first Oscar ceremony took place in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in front of 270 invited guests. We know it was an evening ceremony, so I have tried to as much as possible guess approximately what time it started. From what we know of the history and the type of ceremony it is, I have estimated around 18.30 to be a possible start time and that is what the chart below is based on.



We know that the Oscars voting society is a very secretive group and of course film making is big business so I assumed a Scorpio ascendant would be most appropriate. That brings the Neptune (the planet of film) to the Midheaven in the international 9th house (this ceremony is a global event), the Moon also conjuncts the Midheaven, emotion always seems to be so prevalent when the winner accept their awards. We have a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus square Neptune, this is a celebration (Sun/Jupiter) of making film (Neptune). Venus sextiles Mercury bring a sense of style and beauty, Venus in Aries is very pushy and out in front – this is a big social occasion and Mercury in Gemini is communication at it’s height, the world’s press goes mad for the fashion and styles. Mars in Leo is all glitz and glamorous, exhibitionism at it’s most extreme. Pluto in the 8th house underlines that behind all the show there is big business at heart. There is a conservative edge too. Saturn sits in the second house. No financial awards for the winners, oh no. Just a simple gold statuette, all the publicity and prestige of this simple award is the reward.

jesse eisneberg

So who is going to win this Sunday? I looked at Natalie Portman last week and I am convinced she will walk away with the best actress award – her charts look so upbeat and her performance in Black Swan was astonishing. As for best actor, Colin Firth who has swept the board so far in all the awards ceremonies has not so many positive transits as he had last month. James Franco has Sun trine his North Node which is upbeat and in the limelight, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Jesse Eisenberg, the lead actor in the Social Network may just sneak the award as on the day of the ceremony he has a tr Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter which is lucky and TR Mars trine Saturn which is progressive (Jesse as a note has Sun and Moon is in social Libra plus technical Uranus in expansive Sagittarius as well as Jupiter and film ruling Neptune there too – he was born to star in this film!!)

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