Friday, 18 February 2011

Natalie Portman – A Black Swan flying high


I decided today to have a look at Jerusalem born Natalie Portman (born originally Natalie Hershlag) who has won much praise for her dark and compelling lead role in the Darren Aronofsky film “Black Swan”. Natalie is a Sun sign Gemini hidden away in the 8th house. She has a need to communicate as all Geminis do, and she does this through the medium of film. Neptune the planet of illusion and among other things film-making is directly opposite her Sun in the 2nd house and ruled the fifth house of creativity with Pisces on the cusp. This is a particularly good placing for making money through artistic pursuits. This opposition is square her Moon in the 11th. There is a huge requirement for her to be loved and adored, and through film and acting she fulfils this need. I suspect that there was a fair amount of tension between her father and mother, squares between the Sun and Moon always show this, however it reported that Natalie is very close to them both. Why? Maybe because her North Node is exactly midpoint between her Sun and Moon – the closest midpoint on her chart (1 minute from being exact!!). Natalie is inextricably tied to them emotionally, and in return she is the glue that keeps them together.


That 11th house is very strong, with Jupiter and Saturn placed there too as well as the Moon so it shows a compassion towards friends, groups, associations and political parties. She has actively campaigned  (Mars trine Jupiter/Saturn) on behalf of the US Democratic party in the last two Presidential elections, and has travelled extensively in aid of charities and animal rights groups.

Natalie is independently minded (Uranus in the first) and will be attracted to more unusual roles, particularly in portraying deep emotions in her characters, with Pluto in the 12th house trine her Sun; she has a Scorpio ascendant which adds even more depth to her character and Venus and Mercury conjunct in the 8th house of the taboo and the unknown. Venus and Mercury conjunct adds idealism to her character, with grace and perfectionism to her work – so necessary in the accurate portrayal of ballet. That idealism extends to her family too (Venus/Mercury in Cancer) and she is very proud of her roots in Israel (very Cancerian).

Right now, that Venus/Mercury conjunction is by Solar Arc conjunct her North Node and sextile her natal Saturn – she is right in the public eye and her career is hitting a high. I quite expect her to pick the best Actress Oscar very soon to go with her Golden Globe & BAFTA awards. Her solar arc Moon is about to trine her Sun in summer this year - right on cue as she becomes a mother for the first time. For sure, 2011 will prove to be a milestone year for her professionally and personally. 


Update ** 5th March 11 ** So delighted that Natalie won best actress at the Oscars, her performance thoroughly deserved it.

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