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John Galliano – Shown the door by Dior

John Galliano

Fashion designer John Galliano is in hot water for alleged racist and anti-Semitic behaviour in a Paris restaurant last Thursday evening. He was arrested in the Marais district of the French capital, the traditional home of the local Jewish community.  His employer Christian Dior immediately terminated his contract although Galliano is now contesting his dismissal.

Please note the following chart has been rectified due to known information and dates of happenings in John’s life. Please do not take the chart and birth time as accurate.

Born in Gibraltar in 1960, John’s Sun is in expansive, free thinking and behaving Sagittarius with his Moon in ambitious Aries. The Sun and Moon, his personality and his emotions are well integrated being in trine aspect. He has a need to be first, to be the best, however with all that fire and devil may care aspect in his personal planets comes an act first, think later attitude. It can lead you into trouble if you are not careful. In his chart there is a complete lack of Air signs. As such, he will unable to see himself the way other’s do. He may be over eager to please, will network with friends in order to define his own social standing, as he will have little or no understanding of where he does stand. He needs to be appreciated.

John’s outrageous, individual style can be clearly seen by a peregrine (unconnected by major aspect) Uranus in showy Leo in the 7th house. He will always want to be the centre of attention, in the 7th house Uranus colours his permanent relationships with the need to be radically different.

With Neptune and Mercury conjunct his Midheaven at the point of a wedge configuration sextile by Venus, Saturn and his Ascendant and trine to Mars in the 6th House, much of the energy (Mars), administrative ability (Saturn) and creative technical skill (Venus) from their opposition is directed onto the Mercury Neptune Midheaven conjunction. John has an imaginative mind which is put to full creative use in his work (10th house). There is an international flavour with Neptune in the 9th house. Mars is very energetic in the 6th house. John will throw all his energy into his everyday pursuits and may well be obsessive about his health, well being and fitness.


Pluto square the Sun lends an intense control of all his actions, Pluto is also in a beneficial trine to Jupiter in business like Capricorn. There is a financial acumen to this Pluto, but also a dark side with an interest in the taboo and the unusual. Jupiter in the 12th shows a generosity of spirit to less well fortunate, something that is also shown through a square to the Moon. Jupiter conjunct Venus conveys a love of social life, of parties and of an elegant atmosphere. That moon is square the Saturn/Virgo conjunction, he will have disappointments in personal relationships, the 12th house conjunction indicated that John may feel that he is unappreciated, or he may have to sacrifice something in his life for any relationship to come to fruition.

The transits for last Thursday show a couple of disruptive squares to his natal planets. Transiting Sun and Mercury were square John’s natal Sun - a problem with communication. Transiting Jupiter was square it’s own natal position, an over inflated ego. Transiting Pluto was also conjunct that Jupiter square, a destructive element into the mix. Natal Saturn was and is still square natal Saturn and Venus, hard lessons learned in a social environment. Looking at the Solar Arcs, SA Saturn and Venus is square John’s natal Sun, again tis is a knock to his personal pride and SA Pluto is almost exactly trine (4 minutes off exact) his natal Mercury suggesting words or communication of an unacceptable nature.

** Update** 1st March – Gailliano was today sacked by Dior, nice to be right for once… One other thing I missed on the transits for the day. Transiting Neptune was also conjunct Mars, Sun and Mercury and opposite natal Uranus, shocking behaviour (Uranus) of a religious nature (Neptune).

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