Monday, 21 February 2011

Jessica Alba – Underneath the gentle exterior lies a tough cookie.

Jessica Alba

Jessica is a steady Sun Sign Taurus with a cool detached Moon in Aquarius. This is a very stubborn combination, indeed this is a very stubborn & fixed chart in general, so she will go at her own pace, not anyone else’s, and she will be constantly battling between doing things for herself and having time for other people. As she is always in the public eye I can imagine that this constant “putting herself out for people or making time for them” can make her a bit irritable, especially as she has a Mercury/Mars conjunction which indicates a sharp tongue when pushed too far. It also indicates that she will want to be significant, glamorous or different in some way. Uranus sits at the top of her chart in the 10th house conjunct the midheaven, confirming that this need to be different & exciting extends to her career – she needs to be in the public spotlight. Uranus there also indicate that somewhere along the line, Jessica may have at least a couple of career changes as she gets older. The Aquarius moon sits gently in the 1st house which gives the misleading impression of her being quite vulnerable and impressionable, however within her there is a Martian (Mars/Aries rules the first house) driving independent spirit that pushes Jessica forward to achieve.

Even from 5 years of age, Jessica yearned to be an actress – a dream that quickly became reality as she won an acting competition at the age of 11 in Beverley Hills in 1992, just as transiting Pluto connected exactly with her midheaven, trusting her future career into the spotlight. There is an interesting twist to this. The Nodal axis or maternal axis (North Node/South Node) also lies on the ascendant/descendant axis – I look to the mother as an influence to her public face. You guessed it? It was her mother who took her to the acting competition and subsequently pushed her forward.  As a youngster she also suffered an unusual amount of health problems. Her Moon is in the first house and rules the 6th house of health, with Cancer on the cusp, so any aspects to it hits her personally in a physical way. The Natal moon is trine Pluto and almost square Uranus, so as those planets were activated by solar arc in the first 10-12 years of her life, her health suffered. She suffered collapsed lungs, pneumonia as well as a ruptured appendix, as well as acute asthma. Luckily she has a fortifying Sun/Mars conjunction which would have contributed strength when she needed it most – Jessica despite her gentle appearance is deceptive, she is a real fighter. One other thing that Jessica will always have to put up with is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Obsession on a natal chart can be shown by quintedeciles (165 degree aspects) between natal planets. Jessica has no less than 4, all of them emanating from her Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunction outwards to Uranus, her midheaven and her Pluto. The ideal career, the ideal image and the need for control of this will affect the way she lives her life. One of the quintedeciles connects Venus and Uranus. With Venus ruling the 4th house of the home and the 9th house of education, it indicates an almost transitory disruptive home life, a fact that Jessica has openly admitted to affecting her childhood, as well as a disrupted education.

Jessica Alba chart

She has a constant need to communicate with a full 3rd house, always on the phone, texting & emailing I would bet. She is also blessed with a graceful, idealistic Mercury/Venus conjunction combined with that active, athletic Sun/Mars conjunction I spoke of earlier. Having being lucky enough to have met Jessica a few months back, I can testify that she does have an incredible grace and gentleness to her persona.

Her 8th house is full with Pluto and a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. She will constantly shift between optimism and pessimism, moving forward and then pulling back. Financially she will be serious about investment, will want to keep her finances under her own control, and may well benefit from an inheritance at some point in her life. She also will have an interest in deeper, darker subjects, the unusual and the unknown. Emotionally, she is far more intense than her appearance indicates with an intense Moon/Pluto trine. On a religious spiritual level, with Jupiter in sociable Libra and Neptune in Jupiter’s own sign of Sagittarius, I would expect her to be quite open in her attitude to spirituality of all types.

Right now Jessica is in the news, as it has been revealed that she is expecting her second child with film producer husband, Cash Warren. Looking at her progressed chart progressed Venus is trine her natal Moon which is very pleasant and coming from the 5th house indicates children. Her progressed Sun is also trine her Ascendant so this will be a happy year. This aspect is also shown on the Solar Arc chart. SA Saturn is opposite Mars, so it suggests whatever projects Jessica has been doing will now have to be put on hold. Also interestingly SA Pluto is just 2 degrees away from hitting the Midheaven. In 2013, one of those career changes I mentioned earlier may just happen. Maybe the joy of motherhood and looking after her children will eventually pull her away from the acting scene? Certainly 2013/14 will herald a multitude for changes for both her life and her future.


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